A vet for Kedah Matriculation College, please?

Specifically, for the rooms in C1, first floor, Wing C, AROUND MY ROOM.

I’m seriously sick of this creature roaming about in my college: CAT. Previously this naughty animal LOVE to surround people who are eating or gossiping in the cafe, begging people to give it some food. The worse thing i did was just (JUST) dragging them away with my legs. I couldn’t possibly say i kicked them away, because they did not fly as i kicked.

But to whichever troublesome cat you are, that is creating problem around my room, particullarly IN FRONT of my room, i wish i could slaughter you.

This problematic cat, apparently, got SERIOUS health problem. We always see cats’ poops at the corridors, but they are often long, solid, and black (O_O) Thus, none of them are as gross as the one produced by this problematic cat: yellowish, watery, and EXTREMELY SMELLY.

I hope you are not reading this after your breakfast/lunch/dinner/supper but i’m going to continue. Few days ago this cat crapped along the coridor that i MUST pass through in order to reach the toilet. Fine. I ENDURE YOU. Even though the sight at it is so gross and i have to held my breathe until i reach the equally-smelly toilet. There are just no place to breath, huh?

And NOW, guess what i’ve discovered? It pooped RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY DOOR, RIIIIIIIGHT BESIDE MY NEW SLIPPERS. Wth? Seriously, WHAT THE HELL? As i cover up the yellowish substances with newspaper, the newspaper fly a little as the wind blow, giving an even grosser sight.

I can’t believe i’m typing this right after my lunch. I feel like puking, frankly.

No offence to cat’s lover like Shaunie, but they have just successfully entered the list “Animals that Yi Ting hates the most”. Oh great.

Shaunie, please become a vet faster and solve this problem. Free treatment for the cats!

*Even though i feel like renting a lorry and send ALL THE CATS away from Kedah Matriculation College. Throw them to Thailand. Hmph!!*

Ugh. Kindly read my previous posts so that it is not too disturbing to you..