Unlimited inspiration- My superior CNY design team.

Comprise of Ying Sze the Nippon-Paint, Daphanie the sexy artist, Hwee Chia the blur Cute-Tee designer, Deffery the polystrene-cutter professional+destryor, Beng Chet the caligraphy sifu and last but definitely not least (Cheh..), Yi Ting the unltimate annoying disturber. Yay and peace!

Our unit is the unit which is responsible for almost all of the designing task: from stage design to exhibition arrangement to tee-shirt design. So, yippe, we are the multitask-er. Big enjoyment for me, because i get to mess with cat pelaka until i need to scratch my skin like hell in order to get off the paint, NOT. Playing with colours is enjoyable but the cleaning part is.. ugh.. skip that.

I’m in charge of the arrangement for food fair and exhibition, so here i am, showing-off my lousy design even though they are already rotting long time ago in facebook:


The circular arrangement of food fair and exhibition. Gah. Might look fabulous here but i wonder the actual effect. ><!!


Whiteboard design for 4 different seasons, represented by different characters: Choy San for spring, the hubby-and-wife- Hou Yi and Chang Er representing summer and autumn respectively and the unknown-girl representing winter. LOL. (The choy san looks cute because i’m NOT the original creator. The Hou Yi looks horribly distorted because.. i AM the creator. Gah.)

After my sem break we had started to paint the stuffs and here are some random photos snapped during the hectic hours:


This is.. the well-known… ANTENNA COMPLEX!!!! Suppose to be part of the stage design but it really looks like the antenna complex. So, dear bio students, you can start imagining the photon reaching one circle and jumping from one to another. O_O


Decorated antenna complexes. LOL! Everything is drawn by our calligraphy sifu- Beng Chet.


Antena complex's friend, the tiger which is trying to act-fierce. LOL. Signifying the coming year of tiger. Roar!


Yi Ting’s new boyfriend: The polystyrene choy san. Bwahaha. How good will it be if your boyfriend is a choy san! Free hard cash everyday! Or shall we ask him to distribute credit card instead? =D Of course, if you don’t mind a fat-round guy as your boyfriend, lah.

Ting001Hou Yi and the unknown winter girl (Winter girl? Dong Er? AUDREY? =D) Our Chang Er jie jie is too shy to say hi to everyone as her “antenna” is going to break very soon, as her hair is not ready with her hair extensions yet. =)

designNgeh. Because we don’t have a group pic yet and i want to experiment with my new photoshop, there born this lame piece of artwork. Wahaha. The emoticons are absolutely random and do not represent their personalities.

We must get a group pic! Must must!

Hope everything turn out like it is planned. This wish apply not on my unit only but all that worked hard for the Chinese festival event. Jia you!