Shop till i drop: Family vacation @ Hatyai

Bohoo. This post is gonna be short and dull due to the lack of photos. The photos are in my camera, which obviously, not with me in Changloon now. Huhu.

As conclusion, the trip is all about shopping, shopping, and shopping. Oh yea, it too includes stuffing-food-into-YiTing’s-mouth-for-non-stop. Sheesh. I clearly know that it is damn bad for both my health and my plan to diet but i just ignored it. Mom said i look as if someone who have starved for months. O_O That’s the comment you get from your parents when what you did in the hotel is munching Bahu-Kiuh-Kapit, Sesame sweet pieces, Bahu-rice-cookies, etc. To make matter worse, i bite into more than 5 chocolates within 5 minutes on the way back from the border to Changloon. Siao po.

And we shopped as if the things were free (lol). The goods, especially those sold in the market are absolutely cheap, especially when you have a professional bargain-er as your mom. Gosh, you can actually get something with a price which is less than 50% than the original one. No joke. All you have to endure with is, well, the unpleasant sweaty smell and stuffy atmosphere at the market. How can one suppose to breathe when you are stuck at somewhere with thousands of heads moving around within that small space?

It felt even worse when me and mom lost contact with the 3-males-in-the-Tee-family. Looking for them in that small market is actually even harder than looking for a lost child in… Sunway Pyramid? I don’t know, but it is just freaking frustrating. After all, me and my mom do not have any communication device with us (yea. I was too naive to think that “since no one will contact me in Thailand, there is no point bringing my handphone around with me”.). Luckily there is such tut-tut-cars (or is it my family that call them so?) that fetch us to the hotel and we managed to get assistance from one of the Malaysian tourist there.

Without realising, we bought i-dont-know-how-many-clothes, 3 pairs of shoes, and scariest of all, 5 bags. O_O. We went there with 3 bags and come back with 8 bags. O_____O.

And, when Nasi Pattaya or other Thai friend rice are seen almost everywhere in Malaysia, i do not see the same phenomenon in Hatyai. I DO NOT see any stall selling Nasi Pattaya! Instead, i saw Bak Kut Teh. What the. Yet something special about Thailand is that they have this Pork Burger in McD. Influenced by our jakun-ness, my dad actually bought it even though we just had our dinner that time. LOL. I didn’t taste anything different unlike my brother, anyway. His weird tastebud..or mine?

Anyway, farewell to Hatyai the shopping heaven, welcome back Kedah Matriculation College. Sad. Sad Christmas to go, sad New Year Countdown to go, and worst of all, SAD birthday to go. Gah. Oh-kay i am joking about this. Having to attend classes on your birthday for the FIRST TIME in my life will not be thaaaaaaat bad, i hope?

Bye bloggie. Hello the-holy-sickening-maths.