Maths Phobia


Ugh. I HATE to admit this, but maths seems to be my GREATEST FEAR for the moment.

And what bothering me the most are not those freaking OMK level questions or IQ questions designed only to be answered by geniuses (like Jyh Jhiun and Beng Chet). There are just pure trigo, or hyperbolic functions, or whatever that is IN MY SYLLABUS. And i’m troubled by them. Phrasing it differently, i’m in TROUBLE for my coming examination. Crap.

Mentioning about me USED to be rewarded the merit of National Maths Olympiad (OMK) is a complete shame. Same goes to my history of winning the 3rd price for group category for Add Maths Quiz last year. They might seem like oh-so-small award to the others but they are significant enough for me. And now, they can hardly reflect my level of intelligence, particularly in Maths. How pathetic.

What i can do is squatting at EJ or Xuan Lin’s room, copy their homeworks, amaze at their ability to solve the sickening questions, and thinking how stupiak am i. Gah. Even after scribbling answer for a mere 10 questions of extra exercise, i could feel my brain burning. Oh let it burn. It is malfunctioning anyway.

The way i blabbering away in this post clearly portrays the condition of my unsound brain. LOL.

I wonder how am i going to face my mid sem examination. Bohoo. Hours ago Ying Sze said i’m over-optimist for certain reason, and now i’m typing this post with an over-pessimistic thoughts in my mind. Gah. Something is just so WRONG in my brain, even in determining my personality, huh?

Stop “dream-talking”, Yi Ting. Keep your laptop and SLEEP!

Oh-kay i will.


P/s: Shouldn’t have wasted my wish on shooting stars on certain impossible stuffs. Should have keep that for MATHS instead!

-written on 22 Dec 2009-