Hotel Ee-Jye


B1 T1 16. My 3rd home (Kota Kemuning is my 1st home. My own room is my 2nd home. So this room is listed as the third one lo.). Now it has a nicer and glamour-er name: Hotel Ee-Jye! Bersempenaan dengan tuan punya bilik ini yang siao poh. But this siao poh is generous enough to allow us to attack the 2 empty beds in her room after 2 of her roommates left matrics.

Ting002Hotel Ee-Jye is one of the best hotel in the whole universe. On top of all, it is FREE. So this is the my site of residency. The place where is berhijrah to during weekends starting for now. Yay!


Hotel Ee-Jye can even statisfy your tongue. This hotel provide buffet for 24/7 and it is FREE! The photo above depicts her Island-of-Foods, which will expand from the size of Pulau Pinang to the size of Singapore (which is smaller, actually?) I think she is on the way to expand that island to the size of Japan. =D


Some of the popular choice of food in Hotel Ee-Jye which is very conducive to obesity and appearance of pimples. T_T I’m mentioning this as a victim. LOL. This is called balasan. This is what you get when you eat the chocolates more than their owner do!


  Hotel Ee-Jye even provide hot-water service. But of course, self-service la.

Ting009  Even cups are provided like any other hotels.

 Ting010Besides, one of the biggest advantage of staying in Hotel EeJye is you can get immediate reference when you are in trouble with your homeworks. See? It is even conducive for your studies!


And most convenient of all, Hotel Ee Jye have Cyber Cafe service which you can get it for free. FREE! Unlimited usage of internet. Good entertainment when you are bored…..

….like now.

Bored of Maths. That’s why i’m here typing this crap. LOL. Me and Xuan Lin, another PR of Hotel Ee Jye just love this place so much. Awwww~


Post on X’mas and the big S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E coming soon. =)

P/s: Missing my gang in KK so much after looking at the photos of steamboat. =( Miss you guys so much la. Didn’t see each other for MONTHS already. M.U.S.T bring me out when i go baaaaaaack!