Chinese Festival – Hard work for months!


Final stage design. FINALLY, it is up there, displaying itself in front of everyone’s eyes. Awwwww~

How much effort have we put on this piece of design, especially the MOON. Countless changes have been done on the moon to make it look perfectly round, smooth, and… looks like.. A MOON! The moon almost killed us. Ouch.


My name tag. Super cute! Credits to Peh Ge!

Ting013 4 of the zodiac signs, i.e. the “decorated antenna complex”. Alright, now they do not look like antenna complex any longer. Haha!Ting016

Done by Daph. Optimize the use of polystyrene cutter! Did this for our birthday girl on 10 Dec, Adeline~ I don’t know how many times we <s>sang</s> SCREAMED the birthday song to her in multiple languages. Haha!

101220091402 The right-most blue girl is her! Celebrated her birthday with the super yummy choc cake! The thick-choc cream was designed to be eaten but they used it to apply make-ups on others’ faces instead. O_O Nevermind, i EAT them. =D



@ Backstage on the big day of performance. We have many make up artists! Haha!



Sisters, looking stunning in their costume and make-ups. Top: cute Ade and pretty Patricia. Centre: as-hyper-as-me Fiona. Bottom: my leng lui 4th sis, Xuan Lin and 2nd-sis, EJ in their cheongsam. EJ’s sexyyyyyy eyes! Huahuahua…. Her eyes killed someone’s heart. *Ahem*


Camwhore in the girls changing room (which GUYS came in to take the mandarin oranges.) O_O


Orangeku yang comel yang saya tak sampai hati untuk makan tapi masih end up dalam perut saya. Kesian, kesian.

Ting024MY SISTER AND CALIGRAPHY-SIFU-BROTHER-IN-LAW. WOHOO! ANG PAU FOR NEXT CHINESE NEW YEAR. Oh Beng Chet, kindly prepare 10 ang paos! XD Both of you are seriously damn sporting. XD

Ting022Me and the moooooooooon!      


Me and Jasmin, the professional dancer. You can seriously fall in her when you see her move along with the musics. I love love love love her! Jasmin’s super fans!


Me and Chair. With my super distorted-retarded-exhausted expression. How can you not be tired after about 6 hours? (Even though what i’ve done is pure screaming + clapping + more high-pitch shrieks + siao poh laughs + more applause.)

Overall the event was a blast. Superb performances that is able to catch everyone’s attention.

  • Traditional fan dance and ribbon dance were elegant. Nice smiles carved on the faces of dancers, i.e. Peh Ge, Lana, Patricia, Adeline and Qian Peng. Great job, girls! You hard work of practising paid off. =)
  • Duet was stunning as someone who did not learnt Mandarin before is able to pronounce the words quite fluently! Amazing! Nice combination of voices.
  • Modern dance + Wonder boys were entertaining. LOL. A guy can actually looks cute instead of yeng during breakdance. O_O HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. It IS a complement! Personal point of view anyway. =P Jasmin and Chair’s performance portrayed professionalism, despite all the critics. =)
  • Chinese orchestra added with the mellow tone from violin is able to get everyone’s attention. Great job, especially to my sis, Ying Sze.
  • Sketch was super-duper funny. EXTREMELY HILARIOUS. A success piece of work as it kept everyone laughing continuously. LOL. I think the most brilliant part is looking for guys to act as girls. Hahaha! Besides, the storyline is gosh-damn-dramatic, which is the amusing part of it. Even though the sketch ended weirdly due to some reason not to be mentioned, nevertheless, it was great!
  • The lion in lion dance was so cuteeeeeee!
  • Wushu and Taekwando were eye-catching too. Especially the “flying kick” part. LOL!
  • Good chorography for catwalk. Nice costumes~~~~


Xuan Lin, me, EJ, Daph, Peh Ge, Jimmy and the Choy san Adrian. Everyone look so happy in this photo! And nice angle of this photo. Yay!

111220091439Design team: Hwee Chia, Deff, Daph, Ying Sze, me and Beng Chet. Weeeee~ A group pic for our team, at last. Love you guys!


Food fair + exhibition + station games + lantern parade. Oh-so-finally, my floor plan is becoming REAL. OMG OMG OMG. Fortunately, it meets my expectation. Phew…


Spring. That’s my choy-san boyfriend on the board (lololol. Despo eh?).


Summer~ To make the board look not so dull, i actually added 9 more sun(S) to accompany the only sun. LOL. Those who know the Chinese legend will know why. And by the way, guess what’s the yellow thing at the pic on right hand side? GRAVE. Not mine, duh (!!!). Umm.. not a product from my hands, though. Others want to include this Qing Ming ceremony in summer…… and the tea set in winter…. hmm?

DSC00756 Ting049 Ting066 Ting063

Autumn. I purposely pick a photo that did not display the horrible hair extension of Chang Er (T_T). Nevertheless, this is one of the most colourful corner, credit to those tanglungs made by contestants of Tang Lung Making Competitions. Ohmigosh super cuteeeee!


Winter. Can you feel the coldness? (Gah.) At least it took me quite a long time to stick the “snows” on the board to make it snowy. Snowy oh snowy~ Even though there is no 4 seasons in Malaysia. XD


Part of the preparation: Drawing arrows on the floor!!


Calligraphy sifu a.k.a. 2nd bro-in-law (HAHAHAHAHA)- Beng Chet explaining about calligraphy to the participants of Calligraphy Competition.

 Ting052  Front view of the exhibition + food fair. Yay!


Part of the foooooooods (FOOD!) in Food Fair. Tang Yuan was one of the public favourite even though i admit it was actually VERY expensive. LOL. But still, i bought it twice, to show how supportive am I...*bwahaha*. Next to it were the pineapple tarts and peanut cookies. Oh oh i love them! I think i’d gained at least 1kg on that day. Non-stop intake of foods like such + addictive junk foods + FREE food for the committee members at night! Imagine this situation: one whole BUNCH of people chasing after one small tin of Kuih Kapit when it was kidnapped by Wan Shuang. LOL!

And by the way the tang lung made me feel like buying the refrigerated BIG tang yuan from the supermarket and cook it on my own. Huhu. If only i have a pot!


Part of the station game that i went down to bat gua. That is Peh Ge shaking herself to attract customers. WAHAHAHAHAHA!

2pm-5pm suppose to be the continued food fair but since the number of customers are relatively little, we decided to slack a little. HOHO. So some of us fooled around with the calligraphy ink (which, ahem, contributed to the mark on my LIGHT BROWN pants. *sobs*), and later Beng Chet started to write our Chinese names on the red papers. You Wei joined later, and everyone was anticipating for their name to be written *jakun-ness*. Meanwhile, me being an insane person start to be obsessed with something: causing sound pollution by singing song aloud using the MIC as if i’m in Red Box. Which means, the eardrums of every single person in the hall are fortunate enough to be destroyed by Yi Ting’s voice. Bwahaha. Being annoying to the others is my pleasure. =)

Had a short lantern parade later at 9.00pm, signifying the end of this cultural programme. Stage design, whiteboard design..every single thing have to be destroyed. Every single line, every single drop of cat pelaka, every single cellophane tape, double tape, whatever-tape….our hardwork for more than a month, have to be disposed to the rubbish bin after only 2 days in front of others’ eyes. *Heartache*.


Nevertheless, this event, in a whole, was a success. Great job, everyone! It was a good opportunity for everyone to know each other better too.


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One of the committee member that love to syiok sendiri, Yi Ting.