The uniform days….

When you are bored, you will try to un-bored yourself (is there even such word) by facebook-ing, reading non-active blogs, downloading songs and finally…

Looking back at old photos.

Which make you miss the people in them so much.



The days when we are not only in school uniforms, but also uniform-body-uniforms. The days when the main committee members of 3 uniform bodies (Girl Guides, Scouts and Red Crescent)  are all from the same class. So proud of us!

Not forgetting how me and my key-siao friends organised the girl-guides activities.

The time we made and sell cookies until our own tummies are filled with all the delicious cookies.

The time we stayed back to do the bookmarks to be sold, even though History exam was on the following day (AND i didn’t get to study everything before I stepped into the exam hall. Got 70+ or 80+ though. Surprising.).

The time we wash the teachers’ cars together and eventually caught wet in the rain.

The time we gone through hardship together when our camp was forced to be cancelled. We sobbed, we hugged each other, we cursed on top of our lungs. The feeling of heartbroken was felt by every one of us, for our hard works were all destroyed in one night.

Those days!


And sometimes, your friends just love to hug you so much, you can hardly reject it. Because if you do so, they will impose something more violent

Like a kiss on your cheeks!!!

Referring to the kissing monster clinching me in the photo above. HAHA. Even Peh Ge was scared of you, Shaunie. At least the photo says so.  XD


Non-stop hugging in the class. And this was just part of the show. More extreme photos are in my hand, but considering the presence of readers under 18, i shall not post them up here. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

*looks who’s talking. Who’s the one who have not reach her legal age yet?*

 Pic 071

Tradition of school-leavers: leave signature on your friend’s clothes! [And after that, use yours to bully your unfortunate friend. Poor, poor Shaunie. She looks so innocent here. XD]


With an extra piece of clothes in your hand, you can not only bully your friends but also do this silly act demonstrated by our dearest Sesat Queen, Mandy Chong Men Yee. She is very, VERY CREATIVE in performing stupiak actions like such.

Whose’s baby inside huh?


And not only girls are getting siao-siao. Guys are infected too.


For example, Keith the head of KFC (Keith Fans Club). And this photo is the main photo of the club! [Any of you guys still keeping the printscreen of the chatbox? XD]


If you are bored in class, you can always seek new means of amusing yourself like doodling on your hands! Wall-E was hot by that time. LOL.


Or if you are too lazy to open the pen’s cover, you can always do this too. LOL. Just… make full use of your creativity. =D

Peh Ge, we should have done this again when we were feeling sleepy in the lecture hall right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.


Apparently i did not wrote this by myself. LOL. I wish i look like that also larh! Too bad i look more like a fishball. Chew, chew it.


Proud of being short… not! I’m proud of being taller than Sheen Yeen by 1cm. But hey, how come she looks taller here.. O_O

I’M STILL TALLER no matter what! We have been bickering over this height-matter for years and YES, we are going to continue. Right, Sheen Yeen? Miss-Shorter-than-YT-for-1cm!


A class filled with smart babes and dudes (at the same time, POSERS. And proud of it. Yay! The chief poser will be the one sitting at the centre, trying to be mysterious/ like a ninja. Mafia betul. XD)

Pic 012        

Last but not least, 5 Science 1 @ SMK Kota Kemuning (2008). You rocked my Form5 life!

Suddenly thought of this picture when i was looking at Alicia’s photo album in Facebook few days ago. Their class (5 Science 1 2009) has Puan Ong in their photo! At the same staircase (i think?) but different side of it.

The smiling faces in uniforms. How are you guys recently? =D