RM150 Penang Girl-Trip

Ying Sze said it is possible for us to spend only RM150 for this trip, and this statement clearly explained the title of the post. Whee~ Credit to Ying Sze, our tour guide for 5 days who also provide us with free accommodation. And, gosh, it saved our wallet A LOT.

Overall, the trip is exhausting yet fun! Shoooooopping spree! Nevertheless, considering the tiny brain of blogger which can hardly remember the details of the trip, lets get the photos do the talking.

*blogger’s memories is so bad, the photos might not be in chronological order*


On the ferry to the Penang Island. The wind is so strong, it turned everyone into women ghosts.

(From left: Lana, me, Peh Ge, Qian Peng, Ying Sze)

251120093192Me trying to emphasize how big is the prawn in my Tom Yam soup.  Stupiak look.


Trying to imitate the portrait behind us, but hey, it turned up to be nice instead of.. funny?

(From left: me, EJ, Xuan Lin, Lana, Ying Sze, Peh Ge, Hui Yi)


Cendol at the roadside!! Yummmmmmy! A lot of cendol inside with many red beans. Mmmmmmmmm~

(From left: Lana, EJ, Ying Sze, Qian Peng)


We just LOVE to imitate people, no? Degree of likeness: 99.9999%! Xuan Lin has the potential. XD


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Before continue, kindly scroll to the very end of this webpage that you are looking at now and observe the footer. Done. Now scroll up. Hi once again. DON’T THE SHOES LOOK JUST LIKE THESE? Oh my… RM50 for each pair, sort of the typical price, and i’m oh-so-tempted, to own something that pair of shoes in reality. Blehh….Thought of saving the RM50 note for another pair of shoes that i really wanted, but ended up not purchasing any shoes from Penang.

Shoes shoes shoes! Ah, never mind. I had bought 2 tee-s, 1 blouse, 1 short parts and 1 necklace at the end of the trip. Yay!

 PB260032Marble Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe for lunch. F.I.N.A.L.L.Y, SECRET RECIPE’S CAKE! Self gift for 4.00 in my PSPM1? WAHAHAHAHAHAH.


Main frustration during the trip: WAITING FOR RAPID PENANG!

Gah. Never once in my life that i ride, nay, CHASE AFTER BUSes, for so many times in few days. Bus-waiting is seriously the root problem of all. Gahhhh. Guess we are all too dependent on cars, eh?

Oh Rapid Penang, you made me run so much. O_O


Loveliest sis, EJ. =D


We stayed here for FREE for a night! Again, credits to Ying Sze and her aunt for this! We are practically “wahhhhh”-ing all the way since the first step into the resort.


Making full use of the mirror. ^^V

(From back: Qian Peng, Me, EJ)


This photo is specifically captured (and ENLARGED) for the eyes of my KK friends, particularly the Langkawi gang, ESPECIALLY Jacky, the great creator of this pose. Peace peace in the water! *Spreading this “culture” into Kedah Matriculation College*


Queensbay mall! A place for window shopping saje. I couldn’t believe we actually went to 4 freaking shopping mall in 5 days, more than once for each. O_O Yet, truthfully speaking, if you are really interested in making purchases (esp on clothes), Perangi Mall and Komtar are just the right places. Better still, the small shops along the roadside, specifically the one that we attacked twice for more than an hour because it’s clothes are so so so so so CHEAP!

(Back row, left: Xuan Lin, Ying Sze, Hui Yi, Peh Ge, Lana)

(Front: me, EJ)


With some of our college guys who also pay a visit to the Queensbay Mall. LOL. This photo looks normal from the first view but after some detailed analysis, it became funny. Like, REALLY FUNNY, but it is so hard to be discovered…. lol… what am i blabbering away about? Gah.

Looks who’s peace-ing and looking alienated at the same time???


Lana emo-ing.

No~ Life is still beautiful, don’t jump into the sea! (or you will die of crabbies poking you instead of getting drown in the sea water. XD)


Lana becoming normal again after getting her Edward. Ah by the way, Jacob is better than Edward (=P) At least when he take of his shirt for the first time, the few of us were giggling “EJ must be salivating now!”. They even counted how many abs that Jacob has (lol). His body IS even more attractive than his face. lololololololol.

Bunch of teen girls commenting of guy’s abs. TYPICAL. =P


EJ decided to look for Ninja instead after getting neither Edward nor Jacob. XD.

PB2700361,2, Jump! Degree of similarity for EJ: 90% (marks deduced for the angle of the hands). We are just another bunch of posers who easily got attracted by big movie posters. Yay!)

By the way, after so much difficulties and disappointments, we FINALLY got to watch 2012!!!!! Hell, my tear glands, again, once activated, can hardly be stopped. Eeeeeekk! Overall it is really an awesome movie. Meaningful with fascinating effects. A must-watch movie indeed. You can really feel the pain when you see people die one by one, murdered by nature elements but not knife. The movie taught us to appreciate everyone around you, it does not portray the love between couples only, but more on families or even strangers. Love 2012!


Outside Queensbay Mall, with our big bags. Backpackers style. I swear, this is so tiring, but that’s what we should do now, when you are still energetic (even though i admit that my stamina is not far from one of the age of 50. XD).

On the bus to Gurney Plaza. What happened was there was a period of time whereby we were the ONLY passengers in the bus. And what else? CAMWHORE LA! And the worse thing of all was, instead of lala camwhore, we gave the poles in the bus a new function: props for pole dancing. Hence, loads of sexy yet absolutely embarrassing photos were taken, and they were too violent to be exposed to be public. XD Thus, i can only post this mild one here!


The funniest bus uncle that i ever met. He actually  indirectly ENCOURAGED us to keep capturing photos of stupid poses in his bus even though we were oh-so-noisy. Gawd. That’s what you get when you have 7 girls together.


Dinner at Gurney Drive, which is so NOT NICE (With the exception of the Mua Zhi.) Unsatisfied with the food, we actually made videos complaining about it in Hokkien. Hokkien? Yi Ting? Hokkien turned up to be alien language when it came out from my mouth. LOL. Shame on me, a Hokkien who learn Hokkien from Taiwan drama instead of Malaysia. Gah.


Merry X’ mas! (From left: me, Ying Sze)


Bus-waiting is always causing emo-ness. (From left: Ying Sze, Lana, Peh Ge, me.)




At Wong Kok.


EJ with her cheese baked rice. Gross? At least her facial expression suggested so.


Group pic with another bunch of Penang guys from college in front of Gurney plaza. Credits to Qian Peng our all-time-camera-girl.


Me and Qian Peng not considering the risk of falling down and turning into pancake by the vehicles behind us. lol


Later, we went to Batu Ferrighi. So, tada! Another group pic. Tag me the camera girl who is reluctant to go into the sea water just because of laziness and unwillingness to go into the horrible public toilet. Puke.




My footprints are suppose to sink in but it looks bulge up here. What say you? It gives me creeps everytime i look at this photo. My feet leh. I’m not monster. Bleh.


The Banana boat which surprisingly, DID not turn over. O.o?


Cooperation is the key to success (lol). Very cooperative to dig a <s> grave </s> hole for Yong Seng to go in and bury him ALIVE.


Weird pose by weird people.


Lana and Qian Peng not tired of doing such pose THROUGHOUT the trip. XD

Next, i should say: The cake/bread shops in Penang have weird names. Don’t believe?


Bread Story? Bread HIStory?

Secret Recipe? HIDDEN Recipe? I guess the owner has a rich vocabularies, he is able to find a substitution for the word “secret”. =)


Patchee? 白痴? Better don’t step into it or you will turn into an idiot, perhaps? Or maybe the foods are so unappetizing, if you buy it, it proves that you are an idiot. XD


The first glance on this name and i was like “ADELINE!” How great if Adeline really owns this. Free bread and CAKES everyday! Hohohoho!


Last but not least, Pipi is no longer naked but has a sexy red skin which is only RM12. Damn. I still love her even though it’s motherboard is spoilt AFTER LESS THAN ONE YEAR! !@#$%%^#^. Or was it me who always throw it on the bed? Well, i always THROW myself on the bed but i’m not injured, worh. =(

That’s all for the brief description of the trip (which turned up to be quite long). Tiring yet adventurous. You don’t always get the chance to chase after bus or walk in mall with your more-than-5-kg-backpack, you know? Quote Ying Sze: “Next time when you see the foreigners backpacking around in Malaysia, don’t be too jealous: it is so exhausting!” =P