MUET is turning me into a piece of dead MEAT.

Umm.. OK.. MUET and MEAT don’t really have much relation, except that both are four-letter-words which start with “M”, end with “T” and has “E” in between.

Whatever i’m blabbering about.

I can’t believe i’m sitting for my MUET writing, reading and listening test next week. I’m pretty sure i can’t get a good band but i have no idea how to save the situation. Well, since i have not made up my mind on the course I’ll taking in next year, it is absolutely never mind for me to get a lousy band! Absolutely Oh-kay! I’ll just pick a lousy course then, coupled with my predicted-to-be-lousy-as-well PSPM1 result. Oh well, oh well..


My biggest fear is Question 1 for the Writting test. The number of practises i’ve done in college can be calculated with one hand and i got none of my works back. NONE. I doubt i have the time to look for Miss Yana before i sat for the test RIGHT AFTER i landed in Kedah. Yikes.

And my poor vocabularies. I guess i can do nothing much to save this. Oh skip this.

As for listening test, just pray that i got a centre with fabulous sound system. I can do nothing to avail to this too.

Reading? Lets see what passages appear to stab my heart into pieces. LOL. Doing more exercises for reading is certainly not going to guarantee your success in this paper. So, it is better for me not to place myself in stupor due to over-exposure to one-page-length articles. *Vomits*.

So yea, overall i can’t do anything much. It would be better for me to save my previous time and burry my nose in this right?


Oh-my-gosh la. I thought i would never need this again. This kinda stuffs is for the lost high-school leavers. And it seems like i’m lost too. Worse than my juniors I think.

Ngeh. I don’t like this. Someone please force me to study something? =D