The fresh random poops.

Ahhh~ 2nd sem finally started..

Ting026 edited

My first dinner in KMK for this second sem. My gosh. Back to the unhealthy lifestyle. [NOTE: If Mr. Green Minister happen to see this photo, please don’t liquidate me for using Styrofoam. Gah. Peh Ge, don’t slap me also. =P]

Watched the audition for Chinese Festival on Sunday. And, UNEXPECTEDLY, there are Malay guys which danced this hot song on Facebook-- Nobody by Wonder Girls, which had everyone in stiches. I’ve seen the Wonder Baby’s version, the Wonder Boys’s version, the chubby little boy’s version, and now, KMK’s version. *Gasp*. The funniest thing was, on the night before, i went to EJ’s room to online and watched the MV. And being the hyper me, i moved my clumsy body a little and EJ clamoured for me to perform the dance during audition (Which i DEFINITELY DID NOT do so.) And, wow, someone, nay, GUYS, ACTUALLY danced that in front of my eyes. O_O Speechless.

Lazy to comment much on my new lecturers. Got nice Chem and Maths tutor though. As for “surprise”…there ARE 2: i got 2 lecturers who taught me in the first sem in my class now.

Surprise No.1: My favorite English Lecturer, Miss Yana is taking over my class. So, yay! I was really shocked and shrieked “Hi Teacher!!!”. Hahaha. This, is a HAPPY surprise.

Surprise No.2: My Bore-and-dont-know-anything-name-not-to-be-revealed-bio-tutor is BACK teaching me!!!! *Gasp* And guess what, when he discovered me, i replied his smile with a fake smile, thinking “oh shyt oh shyt oh shyt”. Sad, sad.

Ting000His class is so enervating and i actually drew this in my tutorial book. Gah. Tak habis habis dengan Diva earrings.


Butterscotch. A potential drug-to-be. It made people who vow to diet to disobey their own principle as it is so enticing and addictive. Oh, Butterscotch. Pembunuh No.1 kepada Rakyat Malaysia pada masa hadapan kerana semua orang akan indulge dalamnya and mati akibat obesity. Kalau berita ini betul-betul terpapar dalam surat khabar, tangkaplah orang Gardenia yang mencipta roti ini. Oh, Butterscotch….

Gah. Seriously, random poop.

P/s: I've lost the same type for mechanical pencil for 3 times! 3 darling mechanical pencil gone case just like that. Huhuhu. Maybe that type of mechanical pencil really have no jodoh with me. =_=!!