Food Attack!

Ting008  (m)endel’s Law of Segregation.

Credits of EJ for that M&M. lol.

M&M looks like Smarties. But you can never become smart by eating Smarties. Sad la. Tipu kanak-kanak seperti Sheen Yeen saje.

Life can be so boring when what are you facing are just books, buku, shu, whatsover. So, you just have to capture these random photos to entertain yourself, although your phone’s cam is only a poor 1.3 megapixel.

And oh, i think i should fill some form so that EJ can officially appoint me as her room’s permanent resident. PR of B1 T1 16. YEAHHHHHH… Since i’d spent my Saturday at her place from 7.00am to 5.30pm. O__o


Nesvita. Yi Ting’s best friend. Fav dish (a singular noun) for my dinner. Yay! Even Nesvita looks more inviting than the oily foods here. Bleh….

By the way, i associate it with that non-functioning “EAT LESS!” reminder because..oh well, it only contributes 100 calories. Even less than a cup of Mandy’s-Milo. Mandy, Milo tak baik tau!

Ting011 Prezzie from someone to someone. *ahem*

Ok laaaaaaa, i put that  “L.O.V.E” just to tease the related ones. Choc is still so enticing to me even though it incorporate the love of someone to another someone. The coffee cream at the core makes a perfect blend with the taste-bud-stimulating-choc, even though the loved-someone is allegic to coffee. (lol. I just couldn’t stop making fun of them. Chocolate is not enough to “bribe” me. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA)


Hot and mouth-watery FRIED sardin bread, available at cafe C every morning with an extremely reasonable price. I know, i know, the word “FRIED” clearly portrays its degree of unhealthy-ness But think about the crunchy bread coating outside and the tempting sardin inside…..The way they play with your tastebud, signifying another wonderful morning… Aww… Nevertheless, I’m trying to limit myself to only purchase this once in a week. Oily food, what.


Bread is my all-time-fave: BBQ chicken, cheese, chocolate, coffee, sardin, curry chicken, spicy tuna, red bean, peanut butter….you name it, i eat it. lol. The constant addition of yeast to my poor stomach is obviously far from the world "healthy”. Yet, being a bio student who know the consequences, i still rather spend RM3.50 on the 2 breads (YES, TWOOOO) for my dinner instead of a proper Pattaya Fried Rice. Gah.

Ting014 Ting012

And ORANGE! What can be better compared to a Vita-C orange sweet (Mint Mentos is so out. Boo.) added with a Peel Fresh orange juice? Gastrics! *due to over consumption of highly acidic substance*. HAHAHAHA! Stomach is not THAT weak, yet.




I’m trying to hypnotize myself, or constantly brainwash myself that:

 “Next Wednesday is officially the advent of the short holiday! Penang here i come! Char Kuey Teaw here i come! 2012 here i come!”

instead of


And i’m trying to play the same trick to the people around me. Gah. We are all way TOO enough for depression, OK?

Doomsday is 21 Dec 2012, not 25 Nov 2009. XD (Choi! Don’t want to die so early. Just want to promote the movie. 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012)

*Praying for miracles for the KMK-ians who i love*

Youngest bro successfully get 7 A’s in his UPSR, coupled with the first ranking in the whole standard 6. Family must be eating something good tonight… unlike me. XD Don’t become my turn to sia-sui pulak….. ><!