Cinta Ada & Memori Tercipta & 5th Season

Cinta Ada by Karen Kong + Sheila Majid + Jaclyn Victor

An awesome song with the perfect combination of 3 powerful voice from 3 different races.

A must to listen!!!


Besides, boredom lead me to search for vids related to my high school in YouTube and tada! i found this:

Shila actually went to my school to perform for a Hannah Montana thingy?

I even suspect this is another SMK Kota Kemuning until i saw other vids on Teacher’s Day performance. O_O

I know laaaaaaa, this thing took place months ago and i’m outdate laaaaaaaa… but still, WOW.

And this song, Memori Tercipta by Shila is super nice too. When it was first released i was googling it like crazy i couldn’t find any to download. Nevermind, it is always better late than never. =D

Additionally, Angela Chang (张韶涵) ‘s latest album: The Fifth Season (第5季) is a fabulous album too. Her voice is still so powerful as usual. I love her oh-so-much !! (despite the bad rumours against her.)


Special recommendations:

  • 第5季
  • 我要你的
  • 偶尔
  • 白白的
  • 看得最远的地方
  • I started a joke

And that’s 6 out of 10! =DD

Yikes. How i wish i could sing like them. =( [My voice can never be as powerful as them. Sigh!]

P/s: Going back to college soon. Sob. Must update my music files before i’m stuck in ulu-ness once again. Haha!