My den in the land of ulu-ness.

After the three weeks of consider-long-but-doesn’t-feel-like long holidays, i’m back to college to start another new chapter in my life (or, another..subtopic?!?!). Before unpack my stuffs unwillingly, i did some decoration to my room. And yay, now it looks more colourful and cheerful. =D

Some might ask the reason i beautify it since i have only half year to be spent in this small room. Decorating and designing are just my interest. Some might find it hideous compared to the fabulous artworks of great designers, but well, it is my room what? Not theirs. XD

Overview. Ignore the towel. LOL.

My new time table. Ngeh. Miss my old one. No 2 practical in one day! Report ah report….

My angle vs devil. To be exact, is angle-without-wings vs devil-without-wings. LOL. And i only realise that after almost a week. lol.

My wall! black and red.

Red and blue butterflies~ Yi Ting loves butterflies~

The product of combating boredom during Chemistry lecture during the first semester. LOL. Please don’t happen again in this sem. I don’t have much boredom busters.

My 10 sisters~

My chinese name (note the distorted 婷) and my sketching during English 1 exam. The ONLY paper i got the time to relax like that during PSPM. ughhh.
Gotta devote my time and energy to studies and Chinese festival soon!
P/s: can’t wait for “2012”! i want want want want to watch it!