Sunway Lagoon Zi Mui Trip~

It was consisted of 4 Ji Mui + 1 sexy mommy. Happy Family! Wee~

Some people have throwing this question to us: How come only 5 out of 11 of you? Kinda sad, actually. =( But fear not! We will always have the chance. Let’s wait for our Penang trip. =D

And the trip is still fun even though there are only 5 of us. Yet, i can’t describe much in details as.. well.. i forgot the name of most of the games. Haha! I’ve tried the 360 degree thingy and as expected, screamed my lungs out. *check, check. Oh well, still in my thorax cavity*. We also tried to help Daphenie mama to overcome her phobia towards height! Sadly 2 of the roller coasters are closed due to maintenance.

Bahh.. lazy to write much. Let the photos do the talking:

Note: photos are taken ONLY after we are satisfied trying out the games. =D

7 Me, Peh Ge and her Hot dog bread!

35 Successfully squeezed 5 heads into a photo (and there is space for more!). Credits to Daphenie’s camwhore skill. Hahaha!


More camwhore (specifically, mirror camwhore). Yesh, yesh, girls love to camwhore. Everyone likes to camwhore! Yay! (=.=!!) By the way, from the left:

  • the stupiak one (me)
  • our pretty big sis (Patricia)
  • our hot bikini mama (Daphenie)
  • our violent *muahaha* 6th sis (Peh Ge)
  • and, my good-partner-to-bully-HuiYi 7th sis (Ying Sze)

55 Us again! In front of the Ferris Wheel~


Daphenie and Peh Ge observing the tiger. Roooaaarr!


Told ya! We camwhore everywhere. Didn’t even let go the ticket counter. LOL.

56 With the big belly blue bird! Smelly armpit.

60 Went to Kim Gary afterwards as some of us wanted to have their dinner. So, snapshot of foods!

Last but not least (of course not least. We always keep the best for the last right? =D)….







( *) O (* )

Ok.. to my KK gang, don’t LAUGH when you see this because i’m pretty sure that if you guys are in my place, you WILL do this to. Especially the sampat Men Men and Sheen Yeen. I know both of you are pro-er than me in doing such sia-sui stuffs. XD

Did not get sunburn at the end of the day and my skin colour did not changed much. Phew! What a big relieve! Or it can take MONTH to recover (seriously). Distinct difference can be spotted from Patricia as she is so fair!

For more random photos, kindly pay a visit to the photo album in the profiles of Patricia and PehGe in Facebook. =D

P/s: It jammed like hell on the way back from Sunway Pyramid to Kota Kemuning. My gosh!

P/s/s: Oh kay THIS is the important part: while waiting for my dad, me and Peh Ge went into Diva and saw my favorite pairs of earrings are on 50% discount! Or more than that. They are the 3 pairs of music note earrings and they are only RM13 overall! And they are so many other super-cute earrings selling at that price too…. yet i didn’t buy any. Gah. Thinking i’ve spent quite a lot for lagoon on that day. And i’m quite lazy to change my earrings in college. And they come in 3 pairs but i only want one. Yada yada…

AND i’m feeling quite regretted now. Chance of getting discount from Diva is quite rare, you know. If Sheen Yeen was there we would probably be grabbing the earrings almost immediately and pay the bills…(Maybe not to this extend. This is Oh-So-Shopaholic. LOL!) Yes Sheen Yeen, i will remember to bring you along when there is discount in Diva for next time (next time oh next time.. when will you arrive?)