Kepong and the scary movie. =P

After so many holidays, finally there is one outing with my sisters in KMK. Yay! So as planned, we (me, Peh Ge, Hui Yi, and Ying Sze) paid a visit to EJ who stayed in Kepong. And this lovely 2nd sis of mine became our tour guide of the day. Yay once again!41

Took the train to Kepong station together with Peh Ge and Hui Yi. 3 blur case girls. Luckily we didn’t went into the wrong train and end up in unknown destination! (Result of relying too much on friends during the trip to Berjaya Times Square on Men men’s bday. ahem.)

First destination was 1 Utama and as our stomach were growling badly, we went to have our lunch in Dragon-i (笼的传人). 5 person spent RM104 all together. Whoa! Yet, the pao was really yummy, it cost every cent we spent on it. Yum Yum!


Pao pao pao! When you bite into it, you can actually feel the “soup” filling into every space between your teeth. (Men Men the Miss Pao, is your mouth watery now?? =D)


Ying Sze, Hui Yi, EJ, me, Peh Ge. =P


Group photo before we left the restaurant.

After that was movie time! As 5 of us just came out from the ulu Changlun together and become outdated together, we barely know which is the hottest movie, so we just tembak-ed one movie and eventually decided on…



I have absolutely no idea about the synopsis or any background of this movie before i step into the cinema. I didn’t even watch the trailer before! Yet, apparently it wasn’t a bad tembak after all. This movie is a thriller with much gross scenes (lol).

To my KK friends who watched The Hill Have Eyes 2 with me and LOVE that movie so much, i highly recommend you to watch this movie as well. Because you can see the similiar bizzard way of killing mutated species. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Even though i almost doze off for the first 10-20 minutes.

Pandorum Movie  Watch and screeaaaaaam! Although i did not do so. Sort of immune to it after the experience of watching The Hill Have Eyes 2 in Shaunie’s mini cinema. Still got frightened but i did not scream my lungs out! =D


Camwhore in the toilet! What girls like to do. HAHA.

Next, we headed to our next destination: 炮兵 to have 刨冰. LOL. 5 person shared one big work of ice. Yum yum again! 


 28 After! With Peh Ge’s white fingernails!

Also went to Desa Park City to have a lakeside walk. Yay! Too bad we didn’t take individual photos with the tranquil lake as background. 

36 Us and the lake!

*initially wanted to post the siao poh photo of EJ but being a good sister, i did not do so. So.. DIG IT FROM FACEBOOK!*

Our last destination was EJ’s house as we had dinner in her house. A big thanks to EJ and her mommy! Mom’s dishes are always similar: appetizing, healthy, and cannot be found in any cafe of KMK (T.T).

Reached home at about 11pm due to the 40 MINUTES DELAY at train station. What the hell? Seriously almost fall asleep while waiting for the train & in the train. Result of sleeping at early morning i.e. 2.00am. I think my body is used to my biological clock, whereby i SHOULD sleep at 10.30pm and wake up at 5.00pm. BUT I CAN’T!

Waiting for our trip to Sunway Lagoooooooooon!