Just another Tanglung to burn, burn burn baby burn~

I seriously burnt 2 tanglung this time! Not burnt as in I purposely held the tanglung to the candle (lol), but it just burnt by its own, forming a hole at the bottom. =(

This year, I’m celebrating this Chinese festival not by staring at the tanglung at home, but in Kedah! Ying Sze and Fiona organised a Mooncake Festival Celebration on last, last Sunday (uhhu, like so long ago and I’m only posting it now. =P). Everyone was supposed to bring their own tanglung, candles and food (food food food!). Had lots of fun at that night even though exam is really near to the corner.

As the blogger is too lazy and too tired to blog, she will let the photos do the talking. =)

The big candle formation at the ground. It says KMK 09 10, which means KMK 09 *moon* 10 as we are the 09/10 batch in Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah (KMK). It looks so nice when it is viewed from the top!!

My 2nd sis, EJ and my *ahem ahem* “2nd brother-in-law”. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. The night was supposed to be held to celebrate mooncake festival, but we ended up looking for partners for our sisters. Thus, all of a sudden, our family extended and I got so many brother-in-law(sss)! O_O Waiting to get angpau from all of them when CNY is approaching. =))

My group and our candle formation: . Can you see that? Say yes even though it is not!

Another group’s design. What is this? It was supposed to be a heart shape but from this angle, it actually looks like……..Snoopy (without ears). O_O. Post this photo up just to make the small kid Sheen Yeen happy. XD

Traditional tanglungs and the chicken!!!

My favourite photo of all. The 10 of us with our ai (). =D

A better (actually the best) view of our formation. I cant help you any further if you STILL cant see it. LOL.

Trying to mimic ghost. Gah. As the light effect is too good, we are facing problem to recognize the person standing beside me in the photo. As me and EJ tried to figure out the possible answers, the truth is……..

EJ herself.


And we got the answer by recognizing the clothes, not the face!!

Hehe. Overall, that was how I celebrated the festival for this year, even though the celebration is almost 1 week earlier than the exact day. The fact was, on the exact day itself, there was no moon in the sky. Totally none. Sedihnya.

No more celebration till 19 October. Books!! Exams!!

P/s: MUET speaking is over!!! Seems OK. Hopefully i can get a good band.

P/s/s: Study week is making me crazy due to boredom. T_T

I got more to tell but i got to go. I'm not even suppose to online, considering the fact that my final is on next MONDAY. crap!