H1P7 1st Sem 09/10, always in my memories.

Before i stepped into matriculation college, people around me are telling me all the cons of matrics: it has no quality, you will be alienated for being the special species, your life is gonna be oh-so-bored because what you can do is study all day long, yada yada yada.

Yet, i must say, matrics is never as bad as what i thought previously. I’m glad to say i have great roommates that tolerate with me (although i am the one who always accidentally bang the stupid door and on the volume of laptop too loud without realising it). They are sharing and do not make noise to disturb my studies.

As for my classmates, they are lovely too. We can be very noisy, especially during our co-curricular time!

And things hardly gonna be the same in next semester. We are reshuffled and i’m going to face new classmates soon. I’m going to encounter different people in my life. I could not deny that i will miss the faces in my current practical class, H1P7. You guys contributed to my interesting life in matrics!

Photo 0062 Days with A(H1N1). Masks!

DSC00569Me, EJ, and the guys in my class. Our smiley face vs their act-cool face. HAHA. 5 guys with 5 different personalities.

DSC00586 Semi-class photo. Kinda like this photo, actually. The real class photo had been accidentally deleted by Hanis. Aiyak!

DSC00566 Some of the girls that i’m closer too. =)5492_118407019402_649229402_2327116_1378780_n We tend to do silly stuffs like fooling with camera during… Chemistry experiment time!

5492_118408249402_649229402_2327146_2843589_n Hanis mencekik Azfa. Two of my closest Malay friends here. Love you two! Too bad we are not in the same class in the next semester. =(

DSC00464Illegal tree huggers!


Last but not least, when you are boring, you will start to doodle some random stuffs, like your sis having a big red sexy lips and yourself being surrounded by flies. Wait! The flies are suppose to belong to EJ!

Time really flies. First semester had come to an end, signifying there are about 6 more months before i left KMK.

And after that i’ll be stepping into university BUT i have not decided what course should i study! O_O

P/s: Merepek-ed with Sheen Yeen and Mandy last night on our imaginary wedding and lots of crappy stuffs. LOL. I must say, i miss those days where we had a big chatting group and crap until late night. Those moments are so funny, you can actually find yourself giggling like mad people at the monitor screen. I miss those days!

P/s/s: I love Windows Live Writter! Yay! Thanks Mandy for informing me. I actually got that programme in my laptop but did not realise its existence. Poor, poor programme. =P