First we have Happy Frog Day, now we have Happy Rat Day!

28 September is officially the Rat Day for Yi Ting as she had officially dissected a RAT on this day. However, the date is relatively hard to be remembered compared to the Frog Day, which falls on 29 February, starting in 2008.

My memory is not that bad, after all. =P

Lets recall what we had done in last year: let out a long high-pitch scream as one person poke the poor froggie, took LOADS of photo and video of the disgusting C.S.I scene (and those vids made me laugh until now!). Not forgetting how the guys performed hukuman sula to the poor froggie, and the froggie eventually end up in two pieces, separated vertically. Besides, we have the tiny froggies having their legs all separated from its body at the end of the day. Poor ones.

It should be Sad Frog Day, after all. Mourn for the frogs!

This time, no photo is available (i.e. need not to scroll down to the end of the post, looking for those nice dead rat pics. =)). I can’t snap a pic with my…..bloody gloves. Eww. Additionally, it is for study purpose, and I can’t possibly let out the roller-coaster shriek this time in front of my bio lab teacher (or she might dissect me like how I dissected the rats. LOL!). It is a SERIOUS dissection this time!

Yet, how can you expect Yi Ting to be serious for 100%? (*evil smirk*)

EJ initially wanted to scare me with the rat, but after witnessing the way I took the rat (by grabbing the whole body but not the tail), she did not do so. LOL! I thought….it is firmer to take a rat by its whole body? =P

Next, dissecting time! And the secret revealed!






We actually suspected that my rat is a rat with CANCER! WOW!!

That is just our first prediction, anyway. As I observe the digestive system of the rat, I found a big sphere object (with a diameter of a 50cent coin)! So this conversation happened:

Me: Yer… What is this? (Flipping the organs like flipping fried eggs)(Peeping at EJ’s rat) EJ ah, you got this big round thing in your rat?

EJ: (*Flip flip*) No ah….

(After awhile, teacher passed by…)

Teacher: Apa ini? (referring to the big round thing)

Me: Tak tau? Is that a part of digestive system?

Teacher: No.. Other rats don’t have this thing..

Me: Oh…. so it is a…… tumour! A tumour! This rat got cancer! (laugh at own-deduced conclusion)

I sounded like a… not-pro-but-act-pro vet. Wahaha! Told ya, I couldn’t be 100% serious!

As we opened the unknown the object, some weird sambal-texture substance came out and EJ actually called it mayonnaise. Oh My Gosh! MAYONNAISE IN RAT?

Moving on, it was the time to open the skull of the rat. We were suppose to chip away the skull like how you hammer a nail. I eventually fed up and scraped off the skull like scraping the shell of crabs. It was like scraping crab in curry, the only difference was we are now scraping the skull in rat’s blood but not curry. =) EJ knocked too hard until the whole thing went piercing through the cerebrum, it stucked there for a few second until she was able to pull it out again.

Imagine someone piercing you’re the back of your head by a long sword, it went directly across your head and come out from your nostrils…..

Ouch it hurts!

Being the helpful ones, both of us too helped to clean the big intestine of rat by removing its poo from it. My rat actually pooped before the experiment and the poo was stuck to him (it’s a him!) until I dissected it. And the stupid poo smell was tickling the back of my nose even though I was with a face mask. What a zoo-feel. Ughh.

My darling rat is currently somewhere in the rubbish dispose centre / buried somewhere. May you rest in peace. I don’t want to hurt you!

P/S: one of my classmate actually apologized to her rat for uncountable times throughout the experiment. HAHA!

P/S/SUpdate on Tanglung Festival celebration coming soon. Till I get the beautiful family & couple photos. =D

Yi Ting is damn busy nowadays, she might be dissapearing from blogsphere for weeks. Might, and hopefully not. =(