Poke your buddy, POKE!

I know this is kinda…lame but i could not deny the fact that I’m currently ADDICTED to this application in facebook called..




So this is how it works: get your own avatar, decorate it and POKE your friend with a variety of animations. Ha ha. I know it sounds childish but the avatar is just SO SO SO SO ADORABLE! Dressing up my character reminds me of the day i played with paper doll, helping them to wear my hand-made paper clothes (which, sad to say, sort of ugly. ) Yet, my avatar in BuddyPoke is so cute, larh! Because there is a variety of clothes to mix-and-match. He he.


Deng Deng! My new darling! Hahahahaha!

It does resemble me, you see. Or rather, it resembles my dream: I want a pair of boots LIKE THAT, i want the butterfly necklace LIKE THAT, i want a skirt LIKE THAT (i know, i know, i got a brown skirt with similiar pattern. Note that i have addiction towards that pattern too. =P). Last but definitely not least….

I WANT WANT WANT her hair colour! I want to highlight my hair like this! =(

She is so me. Of course, the biggest difference is i DO NOT have that pair of mesmerising big eyes. Mataku sepet. =P

To my readers who owns a facebook account, creat your advatar in BuddyPoke too! So that i have more people to poke!! Ok, this sounds so wrong. Gah!