Bad time table

Just settled my decoration stuffs for my room in KMK. My room is gonna become more beautiful and cheeeeeeeerful after i go back! =D =D

Nevertheless, i still have the food fair design in my hand. Have to finish it by today / tomorrow before my darling group leader a.k.a. 7-jie Ying Sze chop me off. Wahaha. Ying Sze, i know you won’t right? *evil smirk*

Well anyway, what’s up with the BAD TIME TABLE? I'm refering to my time table (and class) in next sem. Some of the bad stuffs are:

  • No more same class with EJ anymore! I think that’s the most depressing thing of all. So gonna miss the days laughing at her for wearing socks with colour that contrast with her baju kurung. *EJ please don’t slap me*. The main thing is, she is a super-duper good friend and sister that can truly motivate me to study. My gosh! Who is gonna talk with me behind the class during the mentor-mentee session? =(
  • I used to be in a lecture that has relatively large number of Chinese girl in it BUT NOT FOR NEXT SEM. For next sem, H1 will be populated with Chinese girls, particullarly from KL, and H5 will be crowded with Penang guys. As for my new lecture, H6, it is sort of….. the neglected lecture. It might a bit of exaggaration saying that as i still have 3 sis who are in the same lecture as me BUT STILL! KULIAH YANG DIPINGGIRKAN!
  • No more using the big lecture hall. Instead, i’m going to use the small lecture halls. The height of tables are sleep-inducing, at the same time it is annoying as i can predict myself knocking my head to the table behind at least once in 5 minutes as it is so awkwardly design. *Come to look at the positive side: the small lecture hall is cooler!*
  • I’m going to have my Biology and Chemistry experiment on the same day, i.e. Sunday. Thus, Yi Ting is going to suffer with Sunday-blue very soon. Experiment is fun, but lab report is SO-NOT-FUN. I think i can start training my right hand to complete bio report and left hand to finish chemistry report SIMULTANEOUSLY. =(
  • Have not checked on my future classmates. Hence, i’m going to surprise myself on the first day after holiday. Hope it is not as said as Sheen Yeen: tada! no Chinese! NO NO NO NO NO! I know the probability of having another Chinese in my class is quite low so i’ve changed my wish: At least one person that i’ve made acquaintance previously, disregarding the race. Please?

I think 5 points are enough to express my worries. Gah.

Anyway, the blogger’s future class will be


Kindly inform her if you / your friend happens to be in her class. Terima kasih banyak banyak.

P/s: waiting to lepak with my sisters in this hol~


  1. don't worry,u r still my best friends,although we r not in the same practicum,i will miss u always!!!I'm glad to be ur classmates for the first sem....u r the only one or even the first to know when i feel sad....sometimes i reli don't know who to tell when i'm unhappy,so i feel so relieve when i hav u to be my ''rubbush bin'',let me relieve my bad feeling.....
    U r always the one i lov the most!!!!:>muaks

  2. Hahaha! Since when are known as "morning dew"?
    Nevertheless, I'm always available whenever you are happy or sad. I want to make my best friends happy, and you are the one!
    I love you too! =)


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