10 Things that describe Yi Ting

Boo. I got so bored and suddenly have the idea of coming up with such post. Not a bad idea, eh? Let my readers (and also, myself) to know Yi Ting more into detail. Wahaha.

So, what are the things or terms that describe me?

#1.Inverted Hourglass

Emm.. yea.. this blog itself. I started blogging in Form4, and the R.I.P-ed blog was not even created in blogspot.com. Initially the blog was not even meant to be shown to the public. Yet, slowly, i switched to blogspot.com and realise that there are so many benefits of blogging. This is the place i keep in touch with my friends, the place where i share my happiness, the place where i curse on things that had incurred my wrath so badly. I love my blog as it reflects myself at certain phase in my life. Reading back my older post always give me new realisation, knowing how ignorant i am back then.

A very good example is how i complained about being chosen to enter matriculation. I grumbled, i hesitated, i had such a strong prejudice towards matriculation. And after going through half of the course, I've learnt that many things weren’t as bad as i thought. i made new acquaintance and encountered things that i’ve not known before. And all of them, are jotted down in my blog. My blog, my diary!

#2.Tartan pattern

Muahahahahaha *more evil laughs*. I have been telling friends around me that i LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern, i think they are rather sick of it. While we are going out for shopping, they can even point at clothes with such pattern and said “Yi Ting, your style”. LOL. Yet, hey, don’t you find them cute too?


Muah muah muah i want ‘em!

laptop skin4

YESH! I WANT THIS LAPTOP SKIN. My poor laptop PiPi started to have scars over it. Poor, poor laptop. So, if you saw this laptop skin anyway, tell me ok? It is so GOD-DAMN-ADORABLE! He he.


butterfly-bracelet Wee~ i love butterflies. I love fake butterflies more than real butterflies, actually. I don’t know, i just love their shape and pattern. Haha!


Colourful_Square_Contest_Entry_by_The_Dragoness *Open your eyes wide and let them shine into your eyeballs.* LOL.

Life is colourful. My life is colourful. My life is both colourful and dramatic. Oh oh.

When i’m back to college, i’m going to make my room even more colourful than now. Wahaha!


overweight-woman-001Ok.. This tummy does not belongs to me. I’m not THAT badly overweight.

I am always at the plumish side since primary school, starting from Standard 4, if not mistaken. Those irritating fats just wouldn’t leave my body. Well, credits to my laziness (to exercise) and bad self-discipline (to control my eating habits). The line “i want to diet” has come out from my mouth for infinite times, i think my friends are sick of it (again. I always annoy my friends. My hobby. Peace.). And now, i’m still having extra inch of fats on my body. There seems to be no way for me to slim down: in college, my room is so-so-so-so strategic, whereby the cafe is only a stone-throw distance away (no joke. If i throw a stone from my room, it can definitely reach the cafe! Wanna try?). At home, condition got even worse. My mouth just wont stop chewing on things. Chew, chew, chew. (Chew Sheen Yeen! random.)

Over the years, i realised it is not the matter of how heavy you are, but the way you judge yourself. Few years back, my self-esteem was really low. You can’t possibly see me going out with any clothing exposing my legs or shoulder. I even refused to go swimming because i don’t want to see the ugly reflection of mine in the mirror. One of the reason i stop wearing pinafore to school was, i believe i look even fatter in it. Yup, it was that bad.

And after experiences had mellowed my thoughts, i’ve learn to accept myself. Today i can hang out with my friends in my lovely short skits (NOT MINI. It is only SHORT. LOL.). I fear not to make my existence in the public in my swimming attire.

You think I'd slimmed down a lot? Definitely not. At least the weighting machine in my home told me so.

I still indulge in chocolates, cakes and oily pisang goreng. I count calories when i eat but always exceed it (stupiak. Useless right..). Nevertheless, i STILL have to control my eating habits no matter what, larh. Or else i will become like this in no time:

obese @.@!!!


Cat_-_Keep_Your_SmileI’m grateful that i can forget unhappy things very fast. I may curse them on top of my lungs, complain about them repeatedly to my friends, scream and cry like a baby, but when i woke up, it feels better. Always try to smile in time of trouble. Smileeeeeeee, and cheer the people around you!



Huhuhu. Those who are in the same lecture with me in the first semester will know this considered-as-bad habit of me.

When I'm bored, i doodle. I doodle in my notebook, i doodle in my SPM exam paper, i doodle in my reference book, almost everywhere. Drawing and doodling is one of the ways to express thoughts, ok! Besides, Reader’s Digest says “doodle help to make one more concentrate in the class”. Yay! I should show this to those <s>boring</s> lecturers!

Besides doodling and drawing, i love designing too. The three D’s! It feels great seeing the plans in your mind become real in front of your eyes. Unfortunately i have limited inspiration. Hence, designing is not a very suitable course for me. I hate to submit things under pressure. =S


The way i lost (or spoil) my first pair of specs, digital camera, wallet, (next-100-items) are the best examples for the word “blur”. I think my friends know better about this than i do. Additionally, some of them are just SO embarrassing. Skip this!


wish1 Treble clef!


And piano!

Musics help to calm people down. There was once i was in unknown blue and musics can really aid to alleviate the depression. I especially love the melody produced by piano even though i have a little knowledge for this instrument.

The dream of my crush playing piano for me remain unchange *ahem! refer here.*. And i know it will just remain as a dream, larh. Who will help to make this a reality? I wonder.

#10. You!

Yes, you are the 10th object that describe me (lol). I believe there are some part of me that the others had discovered but not myself. Ha ha. So.. whatever it is~ If you feel like telling me that, c-box is always available. =D

P/s:Youngest bro’s birthday today. CAKE! *salivating* What i’ve just said in #5? Huhu, whatever.

P/s/s: Can i make this a tag? Didn’t tag people for so long. Thus, i tagging anyone who read this and owns a blog (i-dont-care-i-want-to-revive-your-blogsssssss). Peace.