Selamat~ Ha-ri~ Rayaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~~~

Yeahhhhh~~ I'm back to my home sweet home. Taking flight is such a good choice. If not mistaken, those who took the bus to KL had their butts stuck on the seats from 2pm to 12am!!! Oh-My-Gosh!!!!!

Anyway, dear 2-jie EJ and 4-jie Xuan Lin, if you are reading this, NO MORE GOING TO SLEEP IN EARLY MORNING ok? Use this holiday to sleep as much as you can. =)

Xuan Lin had composed one song to symbolize the friendship between the us, the 10 sisters. So touched! And it is so nice~ Will show it to you guys when it is fully editted. =P

I want to go shoooooooopping!!

Selamat Hari Raya esp to my Malay friends like Yasmin, Azfa, Hanis, my roommates and practicum mates~~ =)