Food Deco Day

Huhuhu.... I should be studying for my finals now, or do something to save my Maths (YES, you didn't read that wrongly: MATHS, for YI TING. My gosh. Partly influenced by my nightmare saying i'll get an A- for my Maths. A- is already bad enough OK. It means no more cGPA 4.00. cGPA 4.00!!!

Bahaa. Ignore that for a moment. It is the first day of holiday so i'm obviously not in the mood of glueing my eyes to any books. And thus, I'm here to BLOG BLOG BLOG!

Last week, my over-semangated Block C had organised this Minggu Kerohanian and i'd joined the Pertandingan Menghias Juadah Berbuka Puasa. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Anyone who knows me well will know this weakness of me: unable to cook ANYTHING. And apparently, I have problem in decorating foods also. Gah. I think i'm just born to consume food but not to produce food. does make sense. Human is consumer not producer anyway. =D

I'm out of idea how to decorate the food until i saw the materials. So, i contributed a little to the team by coming out with this loh:

Naked-tomato-face + vege-hair + chili-seed-eyes + onion-cap. Comel, kan? Say yes even though it is not. Let me syiok sendiri. LOL

With my funny roommates. =)

Teammates & foods.

These related-to-foods-ideas can't just stop here as i need them for the next event: CNY & Tanglung Festival celebration in the college. I'm the project manager for Food Fair ( project manager is obviously not the right word. Just to make myself sounds, ahem, pro. Jangan pukul saya.). Related to food again! I'm afraid that the mini tangerins / mooncake / tang yuan will dissapear into my stomach before i make the event into success. Peace.

Looking forward for the CNY celebration.
Looking forward for my next 2-and-a-half-week holiday (yitingithoughtyouarehavingyourholidaynow?).
Looking forward for Xuan Lin to come out with the 10-sis theme songs.
Looking forward for Sheen Yeen to bring me for shopping even though she is merajuk with me now.

Last but not least,
NOT looking forward for my finals i.e. PSPM. Sob.

P/s: Even my brothers know how to solve rubic cube already. DAMN! So now i'm the only one who is still noob-ish with that thing?
P/s/s: Randomly stumbled across a "guys room blog" of KMK resulting of blog-hopping and it make my jaw drop and typing this without my jaws now (lol). OH MY GOD. It is not even a room, it is more than a house! For more it yourself. (not suppose to link people without permission mah.....)


  1. the food is damn cute....
    project manager...jiayou ba!!!


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