Family vacation at Melacca

Oh kay... i admit i'm in an extreme state of laziness now, i'm so lazy to move my legs 10 step to the left, get the camera, and upload the photos. Just too lazy. Holiday are meant to be spend by lazing around, anyway.

So, do enjoy the post without any photos in it. =P

It has been more than a year since i visited Melacca. I even blogged about my visit to this historical state of Malaysia at here! Wow. Time really flies, huh? Similiar to last year, we had our dinner at the branch of the same shop selling Hainan Chicken Rice. This year, i found out that their cendol is actually damn nice. Yumm yumm. Even though it cost us RM3 for that one tiny bowl of it but it worth every cent of it. YUMM!

Besides, similiar to last year (again), we went to the Jonker Street. Not much food was sold this time. However, lots of cheap stuffs was sold including Rubic Cube (i-still-dont-know-how-to-solve-it-i'm-so-slow-this-is-so-paiseh). Brothers were buzy looking for the 4 x 4 Rubic cube. There was this doll that when you press and release it, it made a loud & sharp shrieking sound like the duck is being killed. Very funny and irritating at the same time. LOL.

Also went to the ship museum, Sam Bao Tong, etc. I'm just too lazy to mention them one by one.

Holiday are meant to be spend by lazing around.

Just came back from shopping with the rest, anyway. Bought my CNY clothes! It might sound weird for you all as i'm buying my CNY clothes (for next year Feb) in Oct of this year. Please do consider the fact that i have only 2 more holidays before CNY! And that is not enough for me to shop at last minute. So, CNY clothes now!

Yamcha tomorrow~ gotta miss the Tanglung festival celebration of the gang in KK. Sigh. Have to fly in Saturday afternoon. Double sigh.

Didn't accomplish my study plan. Even more sigh. But, ah, just let it be until my tears wet my exam papers. lol.