A Day with Dogs.

Dogs are cute. Dogs are loyal. Dogs are adorable. Dogs are human's best friend.

Dogs are superior too. Extraordinary. Dogs have their own thoughts. They either express their feeling by barking or talking like those dogs in the movie UP.

Like Dug in UP. Still able to talk even though it is wearing its cone of shame. LOL.

Like Alpha, Beta and Gamma in UP. Even though Alpha (the black dog) talks with a super weird voice.

In reality, dogs can't talk. Pity them. Or else, if any of them is lost, they can just mumble out their address and tada!, we can bring it back to its owner. Right right right?

Isn't that easy? Way easier than following a stranger (like me) to a stranger's house (like my house)!

So the things happened in such sequence:
1) Went to Mandy's house
2) Watched UP
3) Commented on the BUNCH of dogs which can talk
4) Hop into CKK's car
5) Jump down from CKK's car
6) Press the doorbell
7) Auto-gate opened
8) Walk into my house
9) Turn my head, and........

A real DOG followed me into my house in the REALITY.

MY GOSH. It was not a fluffy Shih Tzu or a small Chih Hua Hua but a BIG _______ (fill in the name of the species. I do not know the species. In fact, i'm TOO SCARED to identify the species!).

It was really huge. If it stands up, i bet it can be taller than the 155cm of mine. It was brownish yellow, it might be a Yellow Lab (i guess?). Certainly, it has an owner as it has a red collar around its neck. It didn't look like it will bite, it didn't even barked!

But that is enough to scare me off. A big dog following me back home at 11.00pm? Screaming and running looking for rescue, dad finally got it out of our house. Poor dog. It looked so lost! I wished i could take care it for a night but i knew it might stay here forever. Pets are no-no for my i-love-clean mom and allergic bro.
Anyone lost a dog in Kota Kemuning? Bring it back before it follow me to Old Town tomorrow. Gah!

Dog that can talk and dog which followed me home. Weird dogs!