Another idea-generating week~

I can feel the adipose tissue under the epidermis of my tummy now. Eww!

Last weekend, the four of us (me, Ying Sze, Xuan Lin, Bee Tao) joined the Drawing Banner Competition in conjunction of the Independence Day. I'm proud to say our group was one of the fastest and most efficient group. MUAHA-HA-HA-HA. Partly because we chose to use the basic colours of Malaysia flag, which are the colours of paint give, and thus we saved the time of mixing the colours. Nevertheless, we won the first place!! That was so unexpected. As we went up the stage thinking we got the 2nd place (which was, exhilirating enough), the person in charge whispered “Eh! Wrong Hamper!”. Hence, the till-YT's-shoulder hamper was belonged to us that that was so jaw-dropping. O__O

Our banner and hamper. Weeeee~

With sisters' group (EJ, Adeline, Patricia, Fiona)

Point point! What's up with the PALE WHITE FACES?

Ahha. That's the main attraction of the banner I guess. Everyone had been throwing the same question to us: “Why are the faces so white?”. Some even said “In conjunction of July in the Lunar Calender, eh?” Gah! If you can't get what I mean, smack your head hard first: It is the Month of Hugry Ghost!

Umm. Let's not talk about such eerie things at place like KMK.

Back. So what's the actual meaning behind that. According to Xuan Lin's explaination to the judge:

Semua kaum tidak mengira warna kulit, menuju ke arah yang sama dengan kesucian hati yang sama.

LOL!! Maybe you dont get the humour but the few of us feel like burst into laughter on the spot. Even the judges let out a giggle hearing that. LOL!!

Strictly speaking, more hampers does not signify something good. Do you define “more junk food” as good? Definitely not, right? Thanks to the hampers, we have more food supply for our party at night : Celebration for PehGe's and YingSze's birthday!

OMG I had been partying a lot these days. HAHAHAHA.

At the end of the day, my conclusion is.. the award Favorite Item in Hampers goes to..

Top Mix!

As my room is considered as “the storeroom of hamper items”, there are currently 3 top mix in my room now. Adding in Wei Ling's, the one in Adeline's hamper last week and my own Top Mix, there used to be a total of 6 (or 5?) TOP MIX TINS IN MY ROOM AT A TIME. And that is scary. Roommate's friend actually thought i'm someone who is so damn kuat makan. HOW IT IS POSSIBLE FOR 1 PERSON TO FINISH 6 TOP MIX?

By the way, besides this Drawing Banner Competiton, me and my roommate decided to join the Decorate Your Room Competition. With Mederka theme, duhh. Strickly speaking it is not decorate your room but decorate your door. And Tada!

This is my door and my roommates!


Me and myself. I'm blone. Maroon-MYVITO blone. LOL.

Even though we didn't win but it does not really matter. Had fun fooling around with recycled item with my roommates, though. They are really funny at times. Haha!

As for the Merdeka Day, I feel totally nothing except thinking that it is another holiday. So boring.

P/s: gotta control my eating habits before I got bullemia like seriously. Gah

P/s/s: I need a weekend of my own! Ish.

P/s/s/s: Oh kay, Miss Yi Ting is facing a serious problem here: I have really little interest in economics compared to sciences. Nevertheless, I still love maths (even though doing the maths-faci question is inducing me to puke). And actuarial science is somehow related to economics. Thus, I need to find a course which....

Include a lot of calculation and related to Biology / Chemistry.

I'm serious here! Help me please. =)