You have no reason to blame me anymore.

Before I start my line, please allow me to let out a shriek as the perfect beginning of the post.





Ok. Done. Unsatisfication nicely expressed. Good job, Yi Ting, good job.

Please allow me to scream again.





Fine! I'm kind enough, I don't want to spoil your eardrums. Yet, I'm still feeling very sad. Angry. Geram. I guess the most appropriate word to describe my feeling now is the Cantonese/ Hokkien word: Bek Cek. Yes. I'm super duper uber extremely crazily frantically bek cek now.

If any of you actually read the newspaper properly, one of the death caused by A(H1N1) happened in Kedah. Of all the towns, it attacked Changloon. Of all the villages, it chose the village opposite my college. OPPOSITE MY COLLEGE.

In another word, the blogger is considered to be in the red zone now. And it means, the students here and gonna be quarantine in the campus for an even longer period of time,

perhaphs until DECEMBER.

I'm not looking at the wrong month in the calender. It is the last month of 2009. The month which school kids are looking forward to. The month which the blogger is borned in. DECEMBER!

So, referring to the title of the post, you have no reason to blame me for screaming right into your ears, if I really do. You, too dont have any reason to blame me for longing to go home even though I had just stepped into my 2nd schooling week after my sem break. I have all the reason in the world to countdown to 17 September 2009, i.e. my Raya holiday (raya doesn't relate to me directly last time but now, it IS!). I also have all the reason to mumbling about this stuff over and over again like a possessed man. Additionally, I have all the right to clench my fist and punch into anyone's stomach, or having my palms held tightly on someone's neck, shaking the person front and back and left and right and up and down, as if i'm playing a scene in the Human-version-of-Happy-Tree-Friends.

Note that I can say the line “i have not eaten pork for almost two months” without any doubt if my prediction happens to be true. Additionally, we have no where to get our necessities. Unless if you referring to the koperasi that have really limited stocks, I bet the variety of stuffs in my room can beat it. Hence, if not die of boredome, I might die of having my all my bones breaking into pieces if all my smelly clothes happen to fall on me. Yeap, of all the thing, i'm out of Dynemo now. And toilet papers..... Don't laugh!

A(H1N1) go away, Yi Ting want to go out to play. =(

P/s: The college authorities allow students to stay overnight outside the college BUT still prohibit us from normal outings. What the **** ? As if the virus of A(H1N1) knows that “Oh, this kid is a good kid. She's back to home because she miss her mommy too much. Pity her. I can't attack her.” “Oh! This kid is a naughty kid. She did not finish her homework but out to loiter in C-mart! Bad girl! Attack her!” What the ****???????