Not spiderman. Not superman. Not cicakman. But Mask-man.

Everyone in KMK had become mask-man. Imagine yourself walking along the corridor flooded with people (Oh this is what i see every morning). IMAGINE YOURSELF WALKING ALONG THE CORRIDOR WITH EVERYONE WEARING A MASK ON THEMSELVES. The view is so magnificent. And not like we have to options. From what i heard, they are not gonna close down KMK as well as every single person wear mask where ever they go. And crap, i freaking spent more than RM40 on masks already. My stocks for next one or two months. LOL.

So when you are in this situation, it is actually kinda scary looking at everyone wearing mask, and yourself feeling suffocating (SERIOUSLY. Try to wear a mask for whole day. TRY IT!). It was like the virus of A(H1N1) was at everywhere, eyeing at its victim and try their best to find a tiny entrance for them to squeeze in and kill the individual (whoa!). However, when it comes to the lab.....

Nampak pro pulak.

We actually look like real scientist even though we were just fooling around, camwhoring in the lab. And by the way, i've gotten my lab coat! MINE! For one year before i return it. =(

Spot the error.
See? Look so pro, kan? During Chemistry practical, anyway.

Atie, EJ, Me. Lab mates for Chemistry. Camwhoring while waiting for the unknown liquid to vaporise completely. HAHAHAHA.

Izzat, EJ, me, Redza. Still in the lab.

After the experiment, perhaps being paranoid towards A(H1N1) for too long, some of us were having nervous system breakdown. And so, we started to do some insane stuffs like such:

This is such a niceeeeeeee photo! Azfa, Hana, EJ, Hanis and me. Don't ask me why is my leg terkangkang like this again (Look at my group photo for Moral Sketh and find the similarity!). Perhaps i just love this pose. LOL.

Hope A(H1N1) can be over really soon. PLEASE! I can't survive long being confined in KMK for 7/24. I NEED SOME AIR IN....... the C-mart?!?!

P/s: Pehge i love you i love you i love you. For borrowing your modem. Stupid CC with the spoilt wifi. Ughhhh.
P/s/s: I'm too engrossed in online now, it is my dinner time now, i dont feel like eating even i'm hungry, i'm still smelly back from badminton, and i i still have clothes yet to be laundered. So WHAT AM I DOING HERE? Whatever.