A H1N1 =AH-1N1= Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! –ini

=P. Oops. Wrong emoticon. Should be… =(

Before I went back to KMK, I had read that UUM (Which is really closely located to us) is closed down. So now… KMK is….

Nope. Not closed down too. Yet, everyone is in fright! Trauma! Or whatever it is.

Apparently, there is 5 confirmed cases in KMK, and many suspected cases. The rooms of suspected student got RED TAPE at the door and corridor. Freaking like CSI scene. LOL! (And I heard that one of the room have red tape AND a SMILEY face drawn on it. What should this mean? Smile when you are in danger. Smileeeeeeeee!)

However, all these are just what I heard from the rest. I’m really interested in taking a visit to the red-tape scene. Nevertheless, obviously, we are not allowed to do so. No.1, the germs, duh. No.2…..i’m having flu, too.


Oh kay oh kay!! Need not to move 10 steps from your monitor or laptop now. This virus won’t spread though network (especially not through my beloved blog. =P). It is just some minor flu and you know lah, I have to get sick at least once in a year to boost my immunity. LOL.


First of all, I don’t want to get H1N1 obviously. Next, I don’t want to be QUARANTINE.

Why? Because the quarantine-row they use in Block C is the HAUNTED wing.

HAUNTED! I don’t want this situation to happen on me: already sick badly, get quarantined in a room with bad air ventilation, with Ju-On underneath your desk watching your action, giving you an eerie smirk, mocking at you for got infected with A H1N1, not mentioning the as-thick-as-campbell dust as the rooms have no inhabitants.


Maybe I’m too good at imagination (lol) and exaggerating but that is the fact! Being quarantined is such a bad situation to be in and that freaking row will be the place I least want to step in in KMK. PLEASE.

Luckily I’m recovering. Phew. But another bad news is… WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO OUT FROM KMK!!! NO OUTING NO SHOPPING (in C-mart).Until… I don’t know when.

So somehow everyone in KMK is quarantined in KMK, lorh. So sad, lorh.

P/s: Something happy: I’m coming back for the Raya holiday, i.e. 17/9-26/9. Yes people, bring me out!

P/s/s: Friend’s friend can befriend with friend’s friend through the friend’s phone. This statement is only true when you have siao-po friend like EJ and another equally-siao-po friend like Sheen Yeen. Gah.

P/s/s/s: H1N1 is getting worse and KMK is facing the cruel fact that it might need to be closed down so. No!! Even though I really love my big-city life in KK but if this really happens, how am I gonna get a transport? And talking about replacement classes (or even, CANCELLATION of our raya/sem break). One big NO!