A Weekend well spent!

Wee~ Somehow, i've fulfiled all the things written in my To-be-done-when-i-come-home list. Yay!

First of all, on Friday morning, i've safely reached KK. Instead of having myself glueing to my bed that i've been missing oh-so-much, i headed to the foods. Foods! How can I, a human, possibly resist that? So yeah, another round of eating non-stop after finishing almost a packet of Chipster in the bus, BY MY OWN. Scary. I feel like a monster. Blehhh..

Went out to Kota Ria to yamcha with Shaunie, Audrey and Keith. People, ESPECIALLY AUDREY, that i've not met for AGES! Feel so good chatting with them again.

And SATURDAY is the climax. Bahaa. Cheong-K at Sunway Pyramid, that place that i miss miss miss SO MUCH, with SheenYeen, Mandy, Jacky and Keith. Started to do stupid things in the K-room, as usual. Di mana ada kami, di situ ada perkara bodoh. LOL.

After that, we headed to the next destination: Bon Odori! I'm quite excited because.... i have never been there before. So, haha, just go and take a look there. Lots of Japanese foods sold there but since i'm not a super fans of Japanese food (yea i'm weird), i bought something which is so not Japanese related: Ice-cream puff. LOL.

Met Shaunie and Marcus at there too. Wohoo!

Mandy, Me, Sheen Yeen, and our Bon Odori fan--our saviour!
Sheen Yeen yang masih macam budak kecil. Keep on repeating that "I'm the tallest in my class". Blehhh. Still shorter than me by 1cm. =P
Mandy yang masih sesat. Well, if she's not sesat, then that is not the real Mandy, lorh. She did 3 sesat things there within 1 hour (And blame them on me! Cheh!). There are:
  1. Hitting the ice-cream man when Jacky jokingly asked her to do so. And person behind us actually laughed at her. O_O
  2. Feeding her ice-cream to the wrong person. Luckily that person did not open his mouth and let her feed the ice-cream. Gah.
  3. The soya bean in her mouth landed on her blouse when Jacky exclaimed, "Look! Lala mui!". LOL!
Biasalah, dia kan Mandy Chong Men Yee. Wahaha!

The girls with the Japanese guys.
Malaysian guys with Japanese guys. What's up with the blue bar down there? o.O

Last but not least,
Tada tada! Perhaphs the most eye-catching person here. We first discovered her when we were sitting in front of Stadium Matshushita, looking at pretty girls with their cute Kimono. Mandy has some really weird reaction when she saw the kids in Kimono. LOL!

And now! Sunday! Just came back from swimming with the Bon Odori gang (me, SheenYeen, Mandy, Jacky, Ckk). We didn't actually swim, lar. Stood in the ice-cool water, exchanging experiences in schools. After that we went to Silva to have our long-time-no-eat food: THOSAI! Yay!

And i'm going out for shopping with my family later! Yay yay!

It felt so good to meet up with friends after a few months. Hope we can really keep this up! Love you guys. =)