I'm so not. =P

Ok la. Maybe a little. Considering the fact that Mid-sem exam is just a few days to go (Teacher says it is not around the corner anymore. We are already at the corner. Lol). Nevertheless, I'm not as stressful as the rest of the gang. I seldom bring books down during dinner, I still play Solitaire and Spider Solitaire for many many times when i'm bored (lack of games, mah), I still tend to sit at my place, not studying but day-dreaming. And my friends? So tense as if it is SPM no.2.

I don't know. It is gonna contribute 10% for our final. Some think that that 10% is extreeeeemely important, so I think i'm the special one here? Instead of thinking of book way toooooooo much, i'm counting down the days to go back to KK. Gembiranyaaaa~

However, it is just so depressing at times. Looking at everyone study so damn freaking hard but myself acting as if nothing big will happen. Sky is not falling down, anyway. Looking at them make me feel guilty at times. Yet, i'm already not the top here, I dont have to pressure of maintaining the name as “the top student” here, and so, I'm slacking....?!

Just that I don't want to stress myself over small matters. My performance will truly be influenced i'm in a bad bad bad mood!

I think just try my best will do.

Lets forget about the exam, again. Oh Oh! ONE MORE WEEK BABE! I'm planning what to do straight after the last paper. It is either:

  1. sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep, perkara yang semua manusia suka buat.

  2. Start to pack my stuffs! Wootz!

  3. Kepo at my friend's room and help them to pack their stuffs.

And the 2nd option sounds more reasonable right. Wahaha....

Not forgetting the plan of what to be done in the bus. Since it is our own bus, we should take this opportunity to kacau everyone kao-kao. =P

Additionally, I WANT TO BLOG! Gracious, I got so many things to tell the world but time is unforgiving. =( Those topics include:

  1. Our moral sketch and choir performance. With the NG scenes but I just love love love it so much.

  2. Tutorial and practical mates.

  3. Animals!

Last of not least,

4. PPSMI has been abolished.

Ah. I can't wait to talk about the last issue so I shall just spend another few more minutes. Yea, i'm being confined in this ulu-land, but i'm not THAT outdated. In fact, this is kinda.. the hottest topic among friends?

Seriously, I think out of the 10 person I know, 10 of them support PPSMI, i.e. teaching Maths & Science in our great international language, English. And the authorities says we are suffering, when we are SO NOT. Why don't any of them ask OUR opinion before they make those decision? Are we, the students trained under PPSMI, too young to comment on such issues? Ugh, whatever. One thing for sure, i'm feeling really fortunate because the system I had undergone is the best: learning the basics in Chinese (some rough understanding) and the details in English. It is just GREAT.

And i'm lucky for I need not to encounter this situation, which, WILL be faced by my own dear youngest brother:

Learning S&M in English and Chinese now, answering UPSR in Chinese;

Learning S&M in English (Form 1-3), answering PMR in English;

Learning S&M in BM (Form 4-5), answering SPM in BM.

Great, great. People around the world will be SO amazed at the fact that, “Wow, your people can learn S&M in three languages! W.O.W! That is like.. so smart?”

And at the end of the day, my bro would be screaming “Lelong lelong, who wants my Science & Maths books? Available in freaking threeeeeee languages!”


Wawasan 2020? Think about it again.

P/s: I miss you guys in KK a lot, a lot. Especially when i'm in Unknown-blue. LOL. Let's go yaaaaamcha!