Sad. Really Sad.

Sedih. Sangat sedih. Memang sedih. Terlampau sedih (lol). Because i'm gonna crawl up to the bus back to Kedah tomorrow.

Sedih, kan?

But i should be kinda grateful because i'd made a full use of this holiday. Bought all the stuffs i need. Met with many people. Went to sing K with my buddies. Onlined till i drop (Oh yea. Really drop. Till i'm out of things to do when i go online. Huhu.). Ate mom's cooking. Did my tutorial works even though i'm damn shytty lazy. Yada yada.

Gonna blog for one last time before i step into KMK, again.

Since i'm out of topic to blog, i've decided to blog about my..... tutorial and practical mates! (Who i will see within few days. Aiks.)

Lazy to type. Let photos do the talking. I got loads and LOADS of photos in KMK, and will definitely eventually exceed the amount of photos taken in school during Form5. Wait and see. LOL.

My tutorial class, H1T7(b) [not H1N1, Sheen Yeen.] All in purple because this photo is taken right after our bio choral speaking presentation.

Me and EJ, the only Chinese girl in my practical class, H1T7. Smelly liver extract in our hands. It made me wanna puke but it made her feel hungry. LOL. And EJ, please learn how to spell my name correctly, it is TEE YI TING not TAN yi TENG or yi TEND (that is a typo error but still!!). This girl is really really funny and reminds me of Sheen Yeen at times. And oh ya, she got the "Thick face disease". lol. Only the KMK gang know what it means.

Me and Azfa in our music room! Posing with the drums. Cool!
Azfa, or Nina (Since her name is Azfanina) is kinda related to me even if i did not go to KMK. Because she knows Yasmin and Yasmin knows me! (lol). A very bubbly (and talketive) girl in my class. So cute la you. A Malay friend that i speak English the most to.=)

Hanis, another very sweet and pretty girl. As our rooms are quite near, she is one of my friend that visited my room the most. And most of the time, the first line will be.. "ah Yi Ting.... save me....". Haha!

Marziati, my Chemistry lab mate together with EJ. And EJ always forgot her name! But seriously, i still couldn't memorise all the names in my class even though it was only... 30 person (for the whole practical group). I guess it will take me forever to do so.Harini,the only non-bumi in my tutorial group (the 15-person group. Not 30-person). A girl that is very semangat of National Service. And she loves loves loves cats! A very helpful friend as she once accompanied me to go all around the campus to look for my lost books.

Next, another group photos:
Hanis, EJ, Azfa. Not forgetting me and my typical silly smile. =))

That's all for now. Another study-gathering with Mandy and SheenYeen later. So,the 3rd time to Old Town in this holiday, babe!

I will miss Kota Kemuning. And bye bloggie. Till we meet each other again once in a week....
(No! I will try to get the time to sneak into the Serambi and use the computer! I DON'T CARE!)

P/s: my brother is asking me to play his maple character now. Why? Because there is such quest that ask for the history of Malaysia and he don't know how to answer it. LOL! Who ever knew that Maple Story can be so... patriotic?!