Please Don't Throw Me With Shoes

Here comes another road of not taken in my life. Oh no.

Just when I finally ready to settle myself in KMK, adapting to the freaking hectic life, enduring the unhealty and un-tasty food (ugh), here comes the phone call, disturbing that beautiful Thursday of mine.

Her: Hello, we are calling form UCSI University. We are here to inform that you have been offered a place in our university, sponsered by JPA

Me: WHAT?????

Seriously, what do you expect me to react, huh? After giving up the tiny winy hope of mine on JPA scholarship, cursing on top of my lungs at times, thinking that “12A1 means nothing because I practically did not been offered with any GREAT scholarship”, now I got this news. And it was like...


I should be jumping over the moon now, and scream till I lose my voice, or do whatever crazy stuffs.

And guess which course they offered me?


I should be jumping over the sun now, and scream till my larnyx burst.

I should. But I didn't. Instead I was plunged in a deep, deep dilemma.

Because, MEDICINE IS OBVIOUSLY NOT MY FIRST CHOICE. Used to be, but not now.


My phone has been vibrating for almost the whole day. The news greatly disturb my mood to enjoy the performance of other groups in Kelab Seni dan Budaya during co-curicular time. I've been phoning my dad, phoning UCSI, receiving call from dad, receiving call from UCSI, receiving call from dad, bla bla.

Currently waiting for JPA to email dad the letter. But most probably.....

I'm rejecting the offer.

Ying Sze might be the first person to attack my head with her slipper, appearing jaw-dropped for 5 seconds, and start to slap me like“Yi Ting! Wake up! It is medicine.... MEDICINE!” Harini will be the next to throw her shoes to me. Probably followed by Patricia or Daphanie.

Because sooooooooooo many people wanted medicine. And i'm rejecting an offer that sooooooooooooo many wanted.

They would probably strangle me if it happens to be an oversea sholarship. LOL.

If i'm accepting, no more sem break for me as A-level will be starting next Monday. I would be parted with the gang of sampat+noisy+super hilarious friends here. I've just discovered that my tutorial / practical mates are damn funny at times. I've just started to learn how to launder my clothes in the most effective way (lol). I've just volunteered myself to join the Biro Kebudayaan dan Sukan under the Student's Council.

But all the factors above are not the main things that hold me back. Is the course, people. If it happens to be actuarial science, i'll be leaving without the second thought.

Couldn't believe i'm someone who used to have the passion towards medicine. That's why people always says, it is hard to change a girl's mind when she have made her decision. HAHAHA.

I still love bio. But the lifestyle of a doctor (bonded by government for 10 years, mind that) just doesn't suit me that much. I'm just too afraid that if I would to accept the offer, I would be regretting next 5 years, or 10 years, or till i'm 45 years old, like how I counted previously.

But I have not found my perfect course yet (Maybe i'll even end up being a MATHS lecturer. O.o. Who knows?). And this is just a great great chance, and might be the LAST scholarship offered to me. Sedihnya.

9 out of 10 person I consulted asked me to accept. Gracious. Help me. T.T

Why now? Why such distraction when i'm suppose to study for my Mid-Sem Examination??

p/s: i COULD NOT believe my eyes when i knew that......i'd only produced 5 blog post in last month. Gah. 5 only!!!! What a record for ::: Inverted Hourglass :::


  1. i won't throw you shoes dear.....

  2. then throw me with something else HAHAHA!!! Never mind la. I know u sayang me. LOL


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