More Yamcha-s!

Holiday is not considered to be fully used if I only meet up with my friend for one week. So yea, more yamcha on the second weekend in Kota Kemuning!

Met up with friends in primary school, i.e. Yan Jing and Zhi Han in Old Town, together with my 10-or-almost-10-years-besties, Sheen Yeen and Peh Ge. And we successfully became one of the noisiest table there. LOL. Luckily they didn't shoo us off. Ha ha.

Really have fun talking to them. Talked about different life experiences, gossipped about formal classmates (who we dislike. ahem.), took silly photos, etc. And the silly photos include those shown below:

Zhi Han who was tangan gatal wrote "5" in every column. Wonder what will happen if the waiter/waitress thinks that it is true!

Orang gila. Tak kenal.
A group photo. LOL. Zhi Han + Yan Jing + YiTing's-finger-on-the-left + SheenYeen's-finger-in the-middle + PehGe's-finger-on-the-right. Special, leh.

Last but not least,
To make a perfect ending for primary-schoolmates-gathering......

We met our class teacher during primary school, Teacher Lee!

Gracious. That was really a coincidence! Yan Jing was the first who spotted her and went on like "Oh!!! Teacher Lee!!", while me and Sheen Yeen reacted like "Eh? Lee-lao-shi wor....." (tired tone). What a constrasting reactions. Gah.

From the left: me, Sheen Yeen, Peh Ge, Zhi Han, Yan Jing, and our forever-young teacher! =P


Next. Met with my friends in Old Town (Yes! AGAIN! lol) this morning because IT WAS TOO COLD TO SWIM. Why must the rain come at the wrong time, huh? This time, we planned to study in Old Town, but ended up viewing photos with my laptop. Julia who was studying in Melaka Matriculation College came too. Their matrics card is so nice lo, or at least, nicer than my hedious card. Bleh.


And what am i doing at 12.46a.m. infront of the laptop now? Apparently, i just came back from a Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan under DUN Selangor, which doesn't even look like a formal ceremony. Crap. Overall, i treat that as another oppurtunity to meet up and chat with my friends. And, Oh, a good oppurtunity for the mom-s to meet up too! Haha!

Practically did not give a single attention the the lengthy speech. Somehow, there is another hidden purpose behind this ceremony. Ah, should not mention it here.

Photos taken are not nice, so i'm not posting them up here. =P. Happy Schooling to my KK buddies! MUAHAHAHAAHAH. Jangan pukul saya.