Moral Sketch in KMK

Aww... i want to upload the whole video of our sketch oh-so-much. Seriously. NG scenes aside, i think we did a great job. The outcome does not really matter, anyway. At least we did enjoy the whole process, with all those weird ideas popping up in mind randomly. A really good way to release stress, i reckon.

Since i couldn't upload the whole thing (sob sob. Blame my patience. Ahem.), i decided to upload the first vid and the last vid, ONLY.

Deng deng~ So this was the intro:

Ahha. Can't spot me in the vid because i'm the narrator + sound effect maker.
The characters are King Kang Kong, Puteri Potato, Putera Tomato, Tukang Kebun Lobak, Orang Suruhan (Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih), Puteri Petai and Bomoh.

Confusing? Indeed. That, contributed to my NG scenes (ahha. Who actually knows that narrator can have NG scenes also. GAH.). Thank god i'm not uploading that part here. WAHAHAH.

Main characters are Potato, Tomato, and Lobak. Why??

Because, together they make the...
ABC soup!!!!

Nah. not this one. Is this one....

Mmmmmmmmmmm~ Trust me. You will MISS drinking a real SOUP when you are parted with family. The soup there is hardly.. consumable. Well, you can drink it, but all your cells will soon burst out due to the crazily hypertonic intracellular fluid.

Oh what the crap am i talking now?

Bahaa. Back to the topic. Thanks to the weird names of our characters, we actually stood out from the rest! At least, when Peh Ge jumped into the narrow space behind the chairs to get our Oren Tahi, teacher actually said:

"Nasib baik Potato kurus."


Since i can't show you guys the vid, i can only do my best by showing the pic:

Obviously too small. Click to enlarge! But this is not the perfect pic because.... our beloved Putera Tomato is missing. =(

After the sketch was our presentation on patriotic song: Dirgahayu Tanah Airku. Yeah! Our choir song! There was actually another story behind how we get this song, but lets ignore it. This was another part i love love love so much! Credits to the Best Conductor in Selangor 2007 (if not mistaken), Xuan Ling a.k.a Cindy!

Tempo is out a bit (because everyone is so excited? lol) and the movement is a bit of messy, but still, i love it! Teacher actually clapped when we just started the first line "Oh~Persada indahpermai~" and that made me feel like putting the "o.O" look on my face. LOL.

Comments are welcomed~ Even though it is already over. =P

Last but not least,
Tee Yi Ting dibuli di mana-mana saja. Sedih betul!