The Home Smell!!

*Sniff sniff*

*Sniff Sniff*

Not having flu, again, lar.

I'm back, sniffing the air of Kota Kemuning, afer 2 months! Wohoo!

Even though, ahha, it is relatively poluted compared to Changloon, but still, it is my home sweeeeeeet home.

Two weeks with delicious breakfast, walking in the CLEANEST toilet WITHOUT sandals, do not have the need to wash my own clothes with my own hand, jumping up and down on my QUEEN size bed, online unlimitedly, meeting up with buddies i miss so freaking much....

yada yada. The list is never-ending. Hehee.

Everyone was in an extreme mood of excitement yesterday. Hui Yi went back before us, so we decided to bid farewell to her before she left.

Back (left): Ying Sze, Hui Yi, Xuan Ling (Cindy), Ee Jye (EJ).
Front (left): Jasmin, me (squatting as if i'm doing my business LOL), Adeline.

Said "bye bye" as if we are not gonna see each other forever, when the fact is, i might just bumped into her when i am doing my shopping in Klang! LOL! That, will be really funny.

Not forgetting Azfa, the bubbly little girl who is going back to Ipoh. If i have not mention this before, she is actually an ex-schoolmate of Yasmin in Convent Ipoh! Such a coincidence. By the way, these are the three noise-makers of H1P7. From the left: Azfa, Yours Truly and Eeeeeeeee Jaaaa-eeeeeeee (EJ).

From the left: Ying Sze, me, Ee Jye. Three siao-po-s posing in the bus back to KL & Selangor. Of course, no one can beat the siao-ness of EJ, lor. Wakakakaka...

Hugged every each of them before we are parted. We are just gonna make that same sad face together when we are back to KMK. Haha.

I can't wait to hang out with the rest tomorrow. I can't wait to blog about so many things typed in my brain now (even though i'm having a pathetic number of readers now, i guess), i can't wait to understand the topics on Respiration and Photosynthesis in bio because they are so complicated...

Oh wait, i can wait for the last one. Somehow, bringing one bagload of books back to home = make yourself feel less guilty. Heeee.

Happy Holiday
to all the matrics students!