Another self-publish comic!

LOL. I know. Lame. I'm trying to get some attention for my dear bloggie. You know, amout of readers are decreasing like hell because everyone is all stucked with works (That include me, if i'm not having my holiday now). Huhu. Even my c-box is so quiet. So i decided to do some crappy thing to attract people lor.

Do you truly believe what i've said just now?

Fine. cut the crap. I had a very very extremely bad mood yesterday (which, have contributed to my 12-hours-slumber yesterday night. People have insomia when they are depressed. I slept like a pig. Gah). Yet, despite the fact, i've finally complete this task i put on myself: Draw a comic out of the topic RESPIRATION. As you can see above, the front page is crappy, i can't even squeeze in the word R.E.S.P.I.R.A.T.I.O.N, the binding is crappy as well...


I just draw that to syiok sendiri. Since i got the time in holiday, and i need to understand this chapter badly (because i DID not pay attention in the class. I talk. I sleep. I eat. I laugh. Luckily, I JOTTED DOWN SOME POINTS. =D). So, i made this comic, as the complete reference of mine for Chapter5. Make studying a fun thing, you know?

Besides, it had been so long since i last draw a comic. Even though Mandy says my cartoon character looks like siew mai. Bahaha..

I was inspired by my own doodlings in my Maths lecture note. Yi Ting loves to conteng her own notes. Peace.