Pilihan Raya.....

.......in Kedah, but not for the state itself.

Just for Kolej Matriculation College. =P

That was why, people, if you are questioning about my absence during last weekend, i was actually involved in the event. Not like i was one of the candidate (Ahem! As if i have the ability to talk like a politician. o.O), but i busy giving support to one of my close friend here, Allana.

The few of us have been helping her to hang up posters at lecture hall, staircase to labs, etc. The greatest thing of all was......some of them even have to climb up to the tiang to hang the posters! AND I HAVE THE PHOTOS WAHAHAHAHAAH! But i'm kind enough not to post them up. Told ya, we are ganas. LOL.

Let see what i (and my room) got for this whole week....


All sorts of techniques were used. Even things like....distributing sweets? And printing the Periodic Table behind their "self-advertising paper" so that we don't throw it away? Freaking creative. LOL.

By the way, do focus on H03 and that's my leng lui jie jie, Allana! Nyahaha. I do contribute a little in designing this poster of her as i inserted the picture and edited the size of picture, only. LOL.

If you think that their actions are so not environment-friendly, take a look at these....................

Oh oh! The zig-zag formation is made up of Allana's posters. Idea of... PehGe? or Deffery?

Not letting go any inch of space on the notice board. That's Peh Ge's hand, anyway. Ooops?

Colourful papers everywhere!

As conclusion, Pilihan Raya merupakan aktiviti yang membazirkan kertas, seterusnya membazirkan sumber tanah ini. Gah.

Oh wait, that is not the conclusion yet as.....


We were actually playing badminton in the hall by the time we knew about the result. Imagine this situation: someone rush in and announce the news and we went like "Ahhhhh!!!!!!!" followed by the whole hall. WOW. Thank god we didn't throw the racket as the sigh of overwhelmed with excitement. LOL. Close to that, already.

So so so happy for her. Lana go go go!

Feeling a bit depressing today due to the stupid microscope i used during the bio experiment. Grrr..

P/s: Hui En, if you are reading this, stay strong, OK? It will be hard, but i believe you can do it. We all will give you a full support. Very sorry for the news. =(