I'm in the mood of....

...throwing anything around me down the floor, and smash them into thousand pieces. Big thanks to the connection in Cyber Cafe. Ugh. Or was it my laptop's problem?

Oh whatever.

Have been kicked out from MSN for uncountable times ever since i tried to call my parents through internet. Yikes!

Life have been busy, as usual. Oh people, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease teach me how to eat breakfast. Yea sounds stupid but i've been eating bread for almost every morning! And that made me able to consume one whole loaf of bread within...3days?

All the breads that i have not tried before, now came attacking my stomach. Gah.

Anyway, the girls(ssss) were probably screaming at the sight at Edward Cullen in the Big Lecture Hall, now. They are showing Twilight for this week, and i'm not going for the movie. Bahaa. Oh well, i have watched Spy Kid2 during my co-curicular time. Yay!

I want to eat the Murtabak from Pasar Malam this Wednesday. What a random thought. LOL.

And i've been feeling that i'm such an idiot here because...... i am an idiot! That's what you called the normal feeling when you are surrounded by genius-essss and super-hardworking people, i guess. And when you progression is soooooooo slow compared to the others. Forcing yourself to study even though exam is 2 weeks away (OH 2 WEEKS!), yada yada yada. Sigh. It is damn depressing sometimes. Seriously.

Not-really-academic-related assignments came attacking me in torrent. Sketch and patriotic song performance for Moral class, multimedia presentation, and CHORAL SPEAKING FOR BIOLOGY. Gracious me. So this scene is gonna take place soon:

Once upon a time, there is a small small lysosome (Echo: Smaaaall Smaaaall lysosome~)
It is very hungry and loves to eat pathogen (Echo: yum yum yum~)

Ok my script is super bad, but it is just an example, anyway. Gonna be weird. o.O

Signing off. And praying for a good connection. And i miss you all in KK! Especially telling the story of you guys to my friends over here while looking back at the photos. Do take care, everyone. =)