The Get-High-After-Dinner Gang. And family vacation!!!

Tada tada! I'm here roaming in the cyber space again. Although tomorrow is a school day and.... I HAVE NOT FINISH MY CHEMISTRY TUTORIAL! Baaa. Let it be.

Anyway, here to introduce my friends over here to the organism i knew in KK. LOL. They are actually many many many of them, yet just let the list narrow down to the as-noisy-as-me-dinner-gang. Oh kay, they do "complaint" that i'm very noisy. Yi Ting the noise-maker. Peace.

They should try my self-invented-YiTing-alarm-clock one day. By that time they will know the real definition of noisy. MUAHAHAHA!

First and foremost, Miss Tan Peh Ge. Cheh! Don't want to put your photo anymore la. See you until got bored with it. LOLOLOLOLOL. Don't throw me with your Biology books please. Especially Campbell. o.O.

And next, we have...
Hui Yi! Perhaps the first person i talked to (besides PehGe) when i first stepped into this campus. My mathematics sifu for her dad is a Maths teacher for Form 6 (!!!!!). And she is very man actually *laugh laugh laugh*. (Please don't kill me if you read this in Serambi. =P) Her room is the one i visited the most (since it is the nearest compared to the others!). I'm gonna go your room and snatch some Iko biscuit next time. LOL

This is Cindy a.k.a. Xuan Ling, the best conductor in Selangor i mentioned in my previous post. Nice voice. Kinda reminds me of Sheen Yeen when i sing with her because she was doing the 和音 and it truly match the song (Sorry ah, i forgot the english term for it. Just like.. she sings the sub-part??? Oh, whatever.). This genius girl is also a Ping Pong player. Damn wasted for not getting JPA scholarship. And oh ya, she and Hui Yi is argue-ing non-stop and that's how they communicate. LOl!!

Ying Sze, the Merdeka baby that has a twin sis. Waaaaa.... damn meaningful. The second person who slept on my bed next to Hui Yi. I told ya, my bed is very comfortable. LOL! For more info please visit her blog. Wohoo! I promoted your blog for free. Nyeheheh...

There is also another girl called Allana with her trademark-line: Oh my Goddy~ My leng lui jie jie that refused to take photo with me. Fine!!! We ARE gonna take a photo of her, anyway. As she are our candidates for Student Representative, Jabatan Perwakilan Pelajar. Will tell you guys more on this next week!! Allana is someone i love to disturb, especially during the orientation week. Because when she saw me, she laugh. And when i tried to make her continue laughing, it succeed everytime. Just like how i made Shaunie laughing non-stop till the world world think she is mad. LOL!

Aiks SHAUNIE! Damn long didn't do this to you already!!!! You are missing it dearly, right? RIGHT? RIGHT? RIGHT? *evil smirk*

Introduce to you, the ugliest matriculation card, ever. Most hideous student card i ever saw. With the horribly awful green strip, as you can see. What a perfect match twith my red, pink, peach and blue baju kurung-s. Yea, right. No offence to green lovers like Shaunie and Yin Ying out there. The colour is just too terible, it hurts my retina whenever i see it. LOL. Exaggerating.

Celebrated Xin Yi and Yen Bing's birthday last Wednesday. Even though they were from account stream and we are from science. But hey! It doesn't matter. At here, the unity between our species is what matter the most. =)

And, and, my family came to visit me last weekend!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh i was so thrilled! I even went out before i finish my Bio tutorial works. Bah. Who cares. Anyway the first thing Mom said was "You became thinner!". Gah! Like it is possible. I have be ingesting food without exercising for...gracious-me-one-whole-month. Gonna die of obesity soon. Or not, constipation. LOLOLOLOL.

We went to Langkawi! Looking at the sea where we played Banana boat and jet ski. The blue sky above the eagle statue. Oh my. It brings back all the memories past 6 months! Time really flies, don't you think so. Those scenery truly made me miss my buddies in high school even more. Aiks. Everyone doing well now?

PehGe was in Langkawi too but i didn't see her! As for Xuan Ling and Ying Sze, they followed Hui Yi back to her hometown in Sungai Petani. As if we have known each other for years when it is not even a month! Haha!

Ok, that's all for this week. I realised i really can't leave my dearly blog. Once in a week is just enough. Please do leave me a message, people. =)