10 things!

10 things to be done when I'M BACK TO HOME!

  1. Shop till I drop in Sunway Pyramid, IOI Puchong, One Utama, Summit, Ikano Power Center, yada yada yada. Any BIG shopping mall, you name it. I don't care even if I'm just going for window shopping, wasting my precious time looking at crappy on sale stuffs, I just want to walk in a BIG mall. Gah.

  2. Eat mom's food till I drop. LOL. Never doubt the statement that “Home's food is the nicest food in the world”, if you are in the same boat as me, facing super-oily curry chickens, half-cooked veges, visited-by-our-friendly-friend-FLIES eggs, etc. God knows how much I miss the non-OILY and non-SALTY vege cooked by mom. And steamed egg! And steamed fish! And, and... too many to be named. =P

  3. Yamcha with my KK friends till I drop (?!). Oh well, maybe not till I drop, larh. I know everyone will be really really busy (like me, Mid Sem Examination in next two weeks OMG!), but anyone can just spend a short short time with me? Please please please? Just a warmy chit-chat at mamak stall during a weekend night will do. Please?

  4. Online every night till I drop. Even though i'm kinda used to cant-online-everyday life here, which is....actually something good? But, gah, the online-time here can't really satisfy me. I will be adapting the bad habit of online till late night everyday, again.

  5. Continue from the previous point, take this opportunity to discover KMK inhabitants in the cyber space, be it in Facebook, Friendster, or even blog space! =D

  6. Swim till I drop. Make full use of my swimming suit even though it was attacked by the ganas ants of KMK, which have a really weird appetite. Have I told you that my room is officially conquered by ants? Oh, it is. Almost everyone that enter my room complaints about that. Blame the ants, people.

  7. Introduce Butterscotch to mommy. Just a random thought as the smell of it is tickling the back of my nostril now. Ahh~

  8. Update myself with LATEST songs till I drop. Have been an outdated oldie for so long, and I NEED to update myself! Gracious me. What was the last time I listened to a radio.

  9. Change my padlock. Ugh. The ants are haunting my mind till now.

  10. Laze and laze until I have to be back to this ulu place. Haih haih haih.

    Can't wait for the arrival of 17 July!

    Back to books. And assignments. And tutorial works. And choral speaking practise. And multimedia presentation. Argh!!

    Larian KAKOM on Saturday. This time, is the real merestas desa. LOL.

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