Week 1!

Hello world! =)

I think i'm gonna make the habits of surfing the net once in two days, and go to Cyber Cafe for late night chat with my buddies once in a week.

And also, update my bloggie once in a week!

School has started and life seems to be hectic. Oh wait, i'm still in kinda.. lepak mood. Human being here looks crazily studious, disregarding the race. And that, is truly pressurising. Imagine being superior for a period of time and suddenly, you are way back behind from the others. That is just so depressing. Thankfully I have friends like Ying Sze, which have the same thought with me as both of us try not to push ourselves too much. Just complete the job within our abilities, and not to stress, SO FAST (This is crazy. It was only the FIRST WEEK of lesson, not the LAST WEEK before any examination!).

At times, i'll learn to pamper myself. Such as rewarding myself with orange juice (nyahahahaha...), sending my clothes to be laundered since I was really fed up with the chores, and not to be tooooo thrifty to myself. It doesn't mean that i'm spending the money as if I was borned in a family rolling in money, if you get what I mean.

Matrics can be really fun at time! We once sat down after dinner and just started to gossip about the others in front of them. Trying to create scandals (ahem) and spreading rumours, which was really hilarious. There are currently 6 (or rather, 3 pairs) of innocent victims and I bet it will be more. HAHA! Additionally, we actually sang out loud while we were waiting for our food. Embarrassing, yet it was just so fun (and sampat)!

Talk about singing, guess which club have I been assigned to? Seni dan Budaya!!! Sounds bored, BUT it includes singing! I truly hope we can form a choir team. As we had our first meeting in the music room, me and Nina (Yasmin's schoolmate in Ipoh! Can you believe this?) fooled around with the drums. Haha. By the way I got the post as Tresurer. But hey, it was good enough for me, since that few marks will not affect much of my co-curicular marks, anyway.

Went out another 9 schoolmates to Jitra just now. Let's skip the unhappy event happened at the guard house. Ugh. Me and Allana went to shop while the others went for movies like Angel and Demon and Night at the Muzium. Allana said she wants to purchase a pair of shoes, but it ended up that I was the one who dug out money for shoes. LOL. I couldn't believe that I actually spend half a day in Jitra Mall! It would be more reasonable if the word “Sunway Pyramid” replaces the word “Jitra Mall”. Gah.

Students of 2nd intake coming next Monday! Hope to meet more Chinese and form a bigger community. Pity the paltry amount of the Chinese here. Aiks.

Awww.. gotta come out with a budget planner soon, lar. RM250 given by government is seriously not enough for me. Spoilt brad?

P/s: Beautiful laptop skins (RM25 or RM35) available here. Who is interested? Kindly inform me and i'll just move a few steps to get it for you. I'm so tempted to buy that! Ahhhhh!!! I'm in the Cyber Cafe now, anyway. =P