Grandma just left us on 11May, when I was suppose to enrol into Matriculation College of Kedah. Because of this, Mom couldn't see Grandma for the one last time before she breathed her last. This was the 2nd time I saw my mom sobbing terribly. First it was my the departure from Earth of my aunt, and now my Granda. Life is just so unpredictable, don't you think so?

Few days ago, Mom had just phoned Grandma and she even told mom that “Ask Ah Ting to study arrrr! Don't join the bad friends arrrr! Must take care of herselft arrr!”, and next, she left us. Stroke took her away. And that, was so sudden.

Even though we always says that she kept on repeating the same old stories, but it is impossible to hear her voice again. Her habits of sleeping after meal, picky at times, harping over things happened 30 years ago, and the list keep going on. We just couldn't feel her existence again.

So, people, do appreciate your love ones before it is too late. Fate is written and you just couldn't predict what will happen next. =(

Now the house is empty. Where am I suppose to go during CNY?