I survived!

I survived in the Matriculation College of Kedah, or rather, KMK!!! Wohoo!

Sakai la. It was just an orientation week and I've been attending classes for 2 days only (AND it is not even my class. They gave me Physical Science!!!).

Nevertheless, i should tell more in details about my lifestyle here in this ulu place. Bahaa.

Commonly we have lecture, tutorial, and practical for Science subjects (either Life Science or Physical Science.). The big lecture halls is kinda comfortable, if you are able to ignore the weird sweaty smell that will tickle the back of your nostril at time. Nevertheless, the table is awkwardly designed because....it can't really support stuffs! As for the small lecture hall, the table is at the RIGHT HEIGHT for those who planned to sleep in class. =)

Tutorial will be conducted in a class of approximately 13 persons, sometimes 30 (combining two classes for subject like English). But i found Tutorial classrooms have one sort of spells, they made me feel like sleeping in them. Aihhhh.

Temporary no comment on Science Labs since i have not been to any.

Bio, Chem, Maths, English (MUET).
Informatic Science (Wohoo! Use computer! Have not attended my class, anyway)
Kemahirhan Dinamika (Whatever crap is this. Talk about self-image and some boring stuffs)
Curricular activities (It IS a SUBJECT and WE DON'T HAVE AN OPTION. As in, they will assigned you to clubs and happy or not, you JUST have to join. Some of my friends actually got PetanQ... ?!)
Moral (Gathering time for the non-bumi. Whahahaa)

Furniture are kinda good, with the exception of the too-bright table lights and super dusty corners.

Are friendly, even though one of them are more quiet.

Made a lot of new friends and it was fun fun fun fun!!! And guess what, if not mistaken, ALL the CHINESE GIRLS came from SELANGOR, and KMK is never one of the options. Weird eh? Fortunately i found people who are as talkative and as sampat as me. Thus, it is still Oh-Kay even though there were only....90 Chinese out of 2000 students????? IMAGINE, PEOPLE.

Photos of my friends (Oh Sheen Yeen, that include leng-lui-s but not all) will be posted up soon.

Kinda like the people, esp the Chinese girls here because we dont really have a specific gang and always mix around. =)

Time table:
Study from 8.00am-4.00pm. Tiring like shyt, sometimes. But if we are fortunate enough, we might only have class until lunch time and can spend our time freely in places like Student Affair Department (Nyahaha. Like what i've done just now. ONLINE AT THERE!)

I'm missing home food like crap. Gah. Even though we have 4 cafeteria, but the food is never ever as nice as home food. Trust me, people.

Ghost story:
Jacky, sorry to disappoint you BUT there are NONE. Even though some people says Cafeteria B does have such stuffs which explain why everyone is heading to CafeC even though the food sucks. LOL.

The biggest mall in Changlun is like the double-storey version of Econsave. So yea, just imagine. LOL. Have not been to Jitra with friends yet. Jitra will have bigger malls BUT, how is it possible to compare with Sunway Pyramid, Jusco Bukit Tinggi, 1 Utama, Mid Valley, bla bla bla?

Tee Yi Ting has officially fed up washing (BRUSHING, to be precise) her own clothes and decided to send them to the Dobi. Seriously, i am too washing-machine-dependent. =P

They provide TV rooms (WOOTS. I even have the time to watch 终极天团, a local singing competition, at here. Do i sounds like a student now?). Besides, there are gym (which i have not tried yet), tennis court, as-big-as-Stadium-Matsushita-mini-Stadium (What am i talking?), Squash, Bicycle, Double-Bike (Perfect vehicle for pakto-purpose. LOL!!!). Thus, the facilities is actually kinda complete.

Not mentioning the toilet which only be cleaned up once a week, and the HEAP of rubbish in front it. Seriously, it is puke-inducing.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaa... so long. Credits to PehGe's broadband!! =D

Stomach grumbling. Dinner time and chao!

P/s: one more post below.