Hibernating mode.

www.memories-of-pianoforte.blogspot.com entering Hibernating Mode.


It might be for a few hours, few days, few weeks or even few months.
(OhMyGosh if it happened to be the bold-ed words, you can consider me as "evaporated from the Earth". LOL.)

Bye people. With thousands of unwillingness, i'm leaving the wonderful Kota Kemuning, to Changlun in Kedah.


I used to be quite excited for the trip. The fact that i'm gonna start a new life, make acquaintance with new people, in a new school matriculation college, bla bla bla. I used to, when i first started to pack my stuffs, few days ago.

Until yesterday. Apparently, emo-ness is still casting its evil shadow on me. I'm feeling so irritated today, so moody and sulky, even though no one seems to get on my nerves.

Chit-chatting with friends seems to avail against my unhappiness. Thanks, buddies. So gonna miss lepak-ing around with you all. But so BLOODY UNFORTUNATELY we don't seems to have holiday at the same time. Argh!

Once again, bye people. Please pray hard for me so that i can become roommate with Peh Ge. But everything doesn't seems to happen as i wished, recently.