The critcal date once again!

I was planning to do the tag from Ariel,


Dear JPA scholarship applicants, kindly click the link above. (Woops? What happened? The link can't seems to work. As nervous as me huh?)

Result will be out on 8th of May, i.e. TOMORROW (!!!) at 3.o0p.m.


But why 3.00pm? Why? Can't countdown with my friends till 12.00am midnight, sharing the nervousness with our drousy look. Ha ha.

AND because it will be on 3.00pm, i HAVE to pay my matric fees, no matter what. Unless i plan to bring my laptop over and check the result right infront of Bank Simpanan Nasional. (?!)

Good luck to everyone. GOOD LUCK!!!

I shall keep the tag for some other day. Wait and see (or read?) my mood tomorrow. Stay tuned on lol