BBQ party~!!

Oops? No photo?

First and foremost, i'm too lazy. Secondly, out of the 20 photos i took, all are of below average qualities AND 10 out of them are have Sheen Yeen's dumb-dumb face in them. ONLY her face. Can you believe this?

Thus, to maintain her cute-and-innocent-like-small-kid image, i shall not post her photos up. Despite the fact that she had been running around that night, bugging her wiveS to feed her in order save the energy to get a paper plate. Bad girl.

And she kicked away my sandals, trying to get me hopping to her with one leg. Nahhhh..... i where got so stupid one leh? =P

AND!!! She transferred all her ice cubes to my paper cup! Poor me. Or rather, poor CKK & Jacky, the ultimate victims.

Oh Kay. Done complaining about Sheen Yeen. Next.

Food was great. Yumm yumm yumm. As expected, i've unfortunately experienced the over consumption of food, again. Sigh. Diet Oh Diet.

Had a great time chatting with Puan Ong. As usual, lots of beneficial advices!

Sigh. Gonna miss everyone so soon. One more week!

P/S: Still waiting dad to fix the modem so that, wohoo!, i can online using laptop at home.

P/S/S: i want to name my laptop Pi Pi because laptop->lappy->PiPi, but it made me sounds like XiaoHua in "Miss No Good". Additionally Pi Pi was my student in Xiao Tou Tou. So weird.

P/S/S/S: AHHHHHHH I CUT MY HAIR AND I MISS MY LONG HAIR. Yikes. Bye to the hairstyle that i'm most satisfied with. =(