Wretched weather

Hot. Hot. Hot.

I doubt the sensitivity of my heat receptor has surpass that of my cold receptor. Seriously. I'm the type of person that will start talking through my chattering teeth in an air-conditioned room of 16 Celsius, and my palm will definitely become as icy as those of a corpse (!!!). And now, i'm grumbling over the hot hot HOT weather.

What happened to the sun? There must be something that had incurred its wrath, until it shine so much, its rays seems to suck out every single moisture in the creatures on Earth.


My finally-revived-mini-washing-machine-look-alike-multifunctional-device-a-gift-from-the-school-blablabla is telling me that....the room temperature is bloody 32 Celsius now. Ummm....?

The weather is so bad, it made my passion to blog to evaporate as well. Sobs.

The rain yesterday (That my dad bet on it) doesn't seems to avail against the bad weather. Yikes.

Even at night, while i was giggling at the "bedtime stories" told by Mandy and Hui En in S'pore, my sweat glands were still crazily active, it made my pyjamas plastered to my back. Yerr.

It even made me feel like throwing a tantrum in the early morning, because i was, obviously, lack of sleep and the heat was so unbearable until i couldn't sleep. Sigh.

I feel like soaking myself in a bathtub 24/7. HAHAHA.

Well anyway, despite the stupid weather, i'm kinda in shopping mood now. Partially "forced" to have that kind of mood since, GOSH, i realise i need to buy LOADS of stuffs before i officially "migrate" to Kedah for one year 10 months excluding the total period of break. I reckon that, 80% of the things bought yesterday during the outing with family were mine. WHOA.

Additionally, i'm hunting for laptops now. HAHAHA. Dream to have a red or white laptop might not be fulfilled, anyway. Dell or Acer? Acer or Dell? Anyone has any idea?

It is either.. Acer Aspire 4937-642G25 (code damn long) or Dell.. WHY IN THE EARTH THAT THEY DONT WANT TO SELL DELL INSPIRON 1420 ANYMORE?

P/s: Mandy, Kedah is so far, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to come home EVERY WEEK, lar. Imagine glueing your butt on the passenger seat for 16hours every week. O_O Unless, someone buy me a pivrate plane / helicopter. HAHA.