When the level of intelligence is declining.

While i was sitting down infront of the computer, intending to type a formal letter (in Chinese) on behalf of my youngest brother, i paused for a moment thinking:

Shyt! I forgot the format of a formal letter!

And the next thing i did was heading to my bookshelf, trying to seek for my SPM Chinese reference book, just for one formal letter. And i couldn't get the book. (Typical me. Keeping things and dont know where they were kept afterwards.)

It end up i have to look into my brother's book for reference.

What an ironic sight!!

Something i used to practise few times in a week before SPM, something i used to warn myself not to forget or i'll shot my own brain, has now flying away from my cerebrum without wings.

Sob. I think my grey matter is really shrinking. Really really shrinking. Almost like the size of an egg. A BIRD EGG to be precise. Gonna become like the size of lizard egg in no time.


My level of intelligence is declining so badly, i feel like someone who has encounterred some sort of car accident and now having severe memory lost. LOL.

I need a school. I need to study. Ahhhh~