Time for decision.

And the answer is....
Yes, i THINK i'm leaving, for the moment.
After having myself deep in contemplation for days, spending restless night for my mind was in turmoil (partly because i "accidentally" spend too much time staring at monitor. =P), stressing out so much my tears almost stream down my cheeks (typical phenomenon of mine whenever i'm thinking about my blur destiny),
I've decided that.. i should go, way to the north, to the Matriculation College of Kedah.
So far, =(
With that,
No more roaming around in KK, being honked by exasperating drivers, for one year.
No more eating pork everyday, [HAHAHAHA] for one year.
No more Char Siew Pau, Bak Kut Teh, Zhu Jiao Chu, for one year.
No more jumping into the cold pool, and steaming myself in sauna about three times in a week, for one year.
No more walking till my leg ache, in Sunway Pyramid, Summit, and Bukit Tinggi with my buddies, for one year.
No more blogging as much as i want (most depressing of all), for one year.
No more talking crap over the net with my crazy friends, (even more depressing) for one year.
Macam pergi NS atau pergi puasa. Gah.
Of course, Mom said that "all these are just excuses since you will have break" but still!!!
PehGe just told me that it is NOT a Wi-Fi equiped campus. Oh holy shyt. Prepare to see the dried-up YiTing at the end of the course. What's my modified idiom again? "All work no internet makes YiTing an insane girl". Thus, i might look at you with a maniacal expression, start to mumble some random stuffs, and even bark at you. Oops?
I might sound like a spoilt brad who can't leave behind her sophisticated facilities such as COMPUTER and INTERNET, but that's what i'm used to, all the time.
If i'm going, i have to get myself ready with a laptop (but no WiFi. What's the point. T.T), a digital camera if possible (or a phone with better cam. Not a must, anyway. I don't mind paying with my own allowance), few pairs of baju kurung (OMG OMG OMG), new colourful pens and hightlighters (which i abandoned after SPM until they are no where to be found. Poor things.), a nice bag, etc..
Money flowing out...
I even doubt whether i can wear my short pants in the dome. I think i can totally bade farewell to my lovely checkered skirts. You know, suuuuuucccch place.
Surely big shopping malls like 1U, Sunway Pyramid, IOI, can't be found there. Blahhh.
What am i thinking? I'm there to STUDY STUDY STUDY like a POSSESSED MAN.
Most of all, i'll definitely miss my family and bunch of friends.
To Keith, Jacky, and even Mandy (Hi there in S'pore), i might have to owe you three thosai for another year. No interest OK!
Sheen Yeen, I might still sms you with my random thoughts, but i'll miss comparing heights with you. And singing with you in K-box. And a lot, a lot of things.
CKK, *MUAHAHA*, I told you i will not become your next victim. SEE?
Shaunie, you are coming back and i'm leaving. Such a wrong timing. ARGH.
PehGe, are you coming with me?
Hui En, you are already in S'pore. LOL! Wayyyyy to the south and i'm wayyyy to the north.
And my family.
My youngest bro can officially take over my study place since he love to conquer it so much,
and i'm free from being bugged by him with loads of questionsssssss.
I'll miss so many things that i've been facing everyday.
Mommy's food, for it is always healtier than outside food.
Dad, Mom, Bro-s, everyone.
After crapping for so long, my decision will still change, time to time.
11 May 2009. The critical date.
if, If, IF,
*Jumping over the moon*.
Wootz. Things will be different. =P
Pray hard together with me. I know the probability is low. LOL.
(P/s: The place is near to Langkawi and Thailand. LOL. Let's go for a vacation.)